Hair Fall In Kids

Children’s hair loss

»  A person’s hair grows up to 1 centimeter.
»  50 to 100 Hair Falling Normal for Children.
»  Consult the doctor over the fall.
»  Do not use hair dryer on children’s hair.

If you are worried about losing your child faster than expected, then believe that you are not alone to cope with this problem. And the biggest thing that can free you from anxiety is that it is a temporary and recoverable state of hair fall. Nearly 90 percent of the hair is in the state of hair growth while the remaining 10 percent is increased and in resting condition. For two to three years each person’s hair continues to grow in length of 1 centimeter, and after that they are in a state of rest. After resting, hair starts to fall, so that new hair can grow. So it is common for your child to fall 50 to 100 hair a day, even if you think your child’s hair is falling more than expected, consult your doctor.

Some children are due to hair loss, coloring, bleaching, or straightening and frizzing the child’s hair. Hair dyes, which are used for coloring the hair, contain chemistry and they cause harmful effects on the hair. And with the use of hair straightening hair or curly hair, called hair dryer, your child has a bad effect on the hair.

Some other causes of hair loss in children:
Alopecia: The main cause of hair fall in children is Alopecia. Almost two million children in the United States are afflicted with Alopecia. Although, many children’s hair problems are successfully treated, yet many children do not have hair again due to lack of time or the right treatment, and such children have to face embarrassment throughout life.

Telogen Fluhviam in children:
•  Accidental shock or trauma, emotional problems, etc. can also cause hair loss. Fast fever is also a cause of this disease.
•  Although the vesicles of the hair are flexible, but when ‘telogen fluhviam’ invades, the ability of the hair regeneration puppies has a lasting effect.

•  The condition of partial hair loss in children is known as trikutilomania. In this state, hair is disembodied unequally, and in severe cases, this condition can affect the eyebrows of the eyes.
•  It is a condition in which, due to fear, the child develops the excitement of throwing his own hair.
•  It is necessary to root out the condition of this type of hair, to root it permanently.

Tinea capitas
•  In this stage the scalp is considered to be the condition of the ringworm. Herpes hair follicles are the main causes of hair loss.
•  Tinea capitis is an infectious disease, so it is necessary to immediately treat it.
•  Children suffering from this condition do not know this until the problem becomes serious. So if your child is having more hair loss than needed, consult a good dermatologist.

Therapy to Stop Hair Loss:
Treatment of hair loss is not one. Sometimes it is advisable to stop hair styling and not eat the wrong food, and sometimes your doctor may advise you to take medicines, minoxidill for years to grow hair growth in your child at a high speed.

Make your child a balanced diet so that the body and its hair are healthy too.

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