Homemade Beetroot Pack For Treating Hair Loss

Avoid hair fall from beetroot pack

»  Beetroot contains vitamins, proteins and phosphorus which strengthens the hair.
»  Make a paste of beetroot leaves and mix them with turmeric and turmeric.
»  Beetroot is able to strengthen the hair by closing open placenta.
»  Hair grows daily by drinking the juice of Chukkar, and it also comes with natural glow.

Hair loss and uneven baldness are becoming a serious problem today. Currently there is hair fall due to stress and too much pollution. We are stranded in hours of traffic due to which the smoke coming out of the car falls on the hair and the result is hair fall. Irregular routine and stress due to work pressure have taken almost everyone under control, due to which hair falls. Unhealthy eating and genetic factors are also the reason for hair fall. But the best medicines for its treatment are present in your kitchen. In this article we are telling you how you can treat the hair falling through the use of beetroot.

What to do
•  Boil the beetroot leaves in boiling water until the water is halfway.
•  Now squeeze the leaves and make a paste well.
•  Now add one spoonful of this paste to this paste and apply this paste to your head.
•  Keep this paste in the hair for 20 to 25 minutes. Then wash the hair.
•  To make this method more effective, use it 3 to 4 times a week in the morning.
•  Apart from adding beetar leaves and turmeric powder, it is also a good idea to apply on the skin of the head. This paste can be used daily.
•  Mix a little vinegar in the beetroot juice and put it in the head or mix ginger juice in beetroot juice, massage the hair and wash the hair in the morning.

How is beet sugar
•  Beetroot contains essential elements such as Vitamin B and C, phosphorus, calcium, protein etc. which are helpful in the development of hair.
•  These elements are like anti-oxidants, which also nourish the hair naturally.
•  Beetroot is closed with open placards of the head, which strengthens the hair.
•  Potassium deficiency is also a major cause of hair loss and potassium in beetroot.

If you want to increase hair, then drink gooseberry juice every day. Apart from this, spinach and carrot juice also strengthens hair.

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