Causes Of Hair Fall In Women

Learn more about the problem of hair loss of women

»  The lack of iron and vitamin can cause hair loss in the palaces.
»  Highly active and less active thyroid causes both women to lose hair.
»  A sudden change in diet can also be due to reason.
»  Due to anti-depressant drugs, side effects may also occur.

Women who have problems with hair loss, especially when it is a genetic predisposition, taking contraceptive pills at a very young age can lead to hair loss. Usually hair again increases after six months of taking contraceptive pills. Some of the main reasons for hair fall are as follows.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Women with this condition can show many different types of potential symptoms, including one hair loss. It is best to address the complexity of this hormone imbalance through overall measures.

Pregnancy / childbirth
As already mentioned, some women experience major changes in their hair because of the ups and downs of the hormone. It can mean frown or straight hair and often hair loss than normal, dense hair. Some women experience these changes during pregnancy while other women experience it after pregnancy. Nonetheless, in most cases, it automatically gets completely depleted.

Thyroid disease
Highly active thyroid and less active thyroid can cause hair loss. Thyroid imbalance can be diagnosed by a physician through a laboratory examination. These imbalances can be completely eliminated through overall measures.

Insufficient nutritious diet
With many eccentric diet programs and extreme “poisoning” schemes of the market, it is very easy to inadvertently affect the texture and density of women’s hair. Typically, hair loss may start in a large amount due to a sudden change in diet, particularly lack of protein diet, high calorie restriction or protein reduction of vegetarian diets by a predominantly junk food, which often changes diet Begins for two or three months. By restoring a proper balance for your diet, hair loss can be stopped.

Along with anxiety and depression, blood pressure prescription medicines can cause temporary hair fall in a small percentage of people. It is important for women to know that many women, when they have to undergo a major crisis of change in life, then they rely on mood-resistant medicines. Most side effects can be caused due to anti-depressant and anti-depressant medicines.

Serum Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Women who often have excessive or excessive monthly discharge, may develop iron deficiency. Iron deficiency can be detected by testing in the laboratory and iron is supplemented with supplementary dose.

Stress is an interesting cause related to hair loss. As a result of the major stress episode this problem can occur and persists for three months after the episode, and again after three months hair can start growing. Many women may face short-term stress for long periods of time, and their genetic predisposition may depend on the beginning of the start of the fall of androgens hair in this type of stress.

To prevent hair loss, avoid taking contraceptive or anti-depressant tablets until they need so much. Even if you feel that you have to take this, even research other opinions and alternatives. If you are sensitive due to hormones, then adding synthetic hormones may lead to further hormonal problems. Apart from this, maintaining a healthy diet is very important – Avoid using fad diet, extreme poisoning programs or vegetarianism without guidance. Physical activity is another very good preventive measure, it works in double duty, such as promoting circulation of vital nutrients to the vesicle of your hair, with the effect of stress hormones on your body.

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