What is the C-Section Marks

How To Look For C-Section Marks

»  Cesarean is done on many occasions when there are complications in delivery.
»  Take a full look at the part of the stitches or else the infection may occur.
»  With doctor’s advice you can dress up at home.
»  Continue to heal the wound, it fills it quickly.

Often, cesarean has to be taken during childbirth. It is a major surgery for delivery. During this process, there is a big incision during delivery. It is natural to have stains after this stitches. Caution is not necessary to correct this, otherwise the possibility of infection after Caesarean also increases.

If the mark of Caesarean is ignored, then it becomes a blur, which hardly removes. After being cesarean, it is completely cured after taking good care of home. Let us tell you how to get rid of C-section marks.

Care of cesarean section marks

step 1
Consult the doctor after cesarean and follow him well. Do not avoid lifting heavy things for a few days after cesarean or exercise, because of this there may be pain and infection in place of incision. Take care of your friends and family for a few weeks after cesarean. Its traces will end slowly.

Wash after the Caesarean with the shower, do not try to rubbish this place at all. For this not to spread the infection, clean the sterilized soap in the place of the incision and clean it with fingers. After soaping soap, clean it with water in a minute.

After the Caesarean, place a bandage on the place where the mark is, but consult the doctor before binding the bandage. After getting a leave from the hospital, regular care of the place where the incision takes place is necessary. But for the dressing you can not rotate the hospital again and again. For this, take the advice of the doctor and dress it with you at home. Before dressing, place the ointment on that place.

Step 4
Sometimes the place where stitches are started after the Caesarean, they begin to open. If there is such a problem with you, do not panic, contact the doctor. If the mark opens, then blood, pus, begins to occur from that place. Infection can occur if it is not treated immediately. There is such a problem due to physical activity of the house, exercise, sex. Therefore, after some Caesarean avoid doing domestic chores and sex for a few days.

Step 5
Over time, the sign of Cesarean disappears gradually. Most cesarean cuts are in the lower part of the uterus, so they can easily be concealed. Therefore, the sign of Caesarean is not a subject of much problem. So keep positive thinking, as other body wounds are cured, it will also be cured.


So these are the measures that you can get rid of traces from the Caesarean section.

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