Home Remedies to Get Rid of Baldness

Accept these 2 prescriptions, will be eliminated from the root throughout the month, baldness

»  People are becoming victims of baldness due to changing lifestyle.
»  The combination of fenugreek and curd is less than baldness.
»  Rubbing onion in the problem of baldness also benefits gain.

The first baldness problem was seen in people of age, but now it is also being seen in teenagers. Both women and men are becoming victims of baldness due to hair fall due to diet and lifestyle. When the hair decreases, one begins to feel old. Nowadays, many scientific methods such as hair transplantation, stem cell technology, laser treatment and hair weaving have come, which can treat baldness. In all these Hair Transplantation has become the most popular among the people. It is easier and better way than other measures.

In the past, scientists detected an experiment with rats that baldness treatment is also possible with gene based therapy. At the same time, they also found genes that prevent hair from falling. This gene helps in enhancing the activity of the proteins that strengthen the hair. The researcher Dr. George Costellelis also claimed that the problem of baldness is not permanent. Treatment of baldness is possible. According to them, the problem of hair fall starts with the fragmentation of small argon present in the head. These argon help in hair growth. Through this article, we are telling you about some tips on removing baldness.

Fenugreek and curd

Fenugreek is very beneficial in the treatment of baldness. After filling the fenugreek with water in a night, mix it in curd and prepare the paste. Apply fenugreek and curd paste to the hair roots. Keep it for about an hour. By doing so, the roots in the roots of the hair will be reduced and moisture in the skin of the head. Nutritic acid and proteins are found in fenugreek, which increases the growth of the hair as well as nourishes the roots of the hair.

Urad dal paste

Grind pulp without peeping and grind it. Put this paste on the hair roots before sleeping at night. Towards the towel, do not wear dirty clothes. By doing so for a few days the hair starts to grow again and baldness decreases.

Moushati and Saffron

Grind the methi and mix some quantity of milk and saffron in it and prepare the paste. Put the prepared paste in the head before sleeping at night. Wake up in the morning and shampoo the hair lightly. This will gradually remove baldness.

Green Coriander Paste

Make a green coriander paste and apply it in the part of the head from where your hair has blown. The hair that begins to flow for one consecutive month will start to grow again.

Bananas and lemon

Mash the lemon juice well in a banana peep. Applying this paste on the head reduces the problem of hair loss. By doing so, the hair started fluttering again.

Onions are also beneficial

Take a big onion and make two parts of it. Rinse half the onions for 5 minutes on the portion of the head that has dried up the hair. By doing this for a few consecutive days, hair loss will stop. Also, the hair will grow again.

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