Things to Carry to Hospital During Labor

Stuff carrying the hospital at the time of delivery

»  Be sure to provide paper with necessary delivery and identification.
»  Prepare a list of accessories for yourself and your baby.
»  Take nutritious and essential ingredients to eat food.
»  Put loose clothes in your bag and take them together.

You should pack two bags while going to hospital. One of them will be the stuff you need to get in the time of labor and in the second, the goods needed after delivery can be kept. We advise you that as you enter the ninth month of pregnancy, you should prepare all your belongings. Because during this time you may have to go to the hospital even before the due date. Let’s know the list of some such things that you should take to hospital at the time of delivery.

A photo ID, such as your voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhar card etc … and if you have got health insurance, then take her card with it. All this stuff can come in handy for you. Apart from this, you may need lots of stuff.

If you have glasses, then definitely take them along. Even if you are using contact lenses A bathrobe, one-two night gowns, slippers and socks. You should take all this stuff with you. Some hospital gowns, socks, etc., but most women prefer to take all these things with them. Choose an open and comfortable gown, if that too dirty, you are not worried. These gowns are either without arms, or their arms are very small, so there is no problem in blood pressure check. You may have to walk during labor, such as slippers and rabs, you can get work at that time.

It is better that you take pillows with you from home. Keep the cushioned color so that it does not mix with the pillows of the hospital. You can also take the goods to listen to music or play something with you. And if you keep a picture of a loved one together then what is the matter? That is, some stuff that can help you relax.

Your partner
Your partner can carry a camera or video camera, its battery, charger and memory card with you. This will facilitate the first moment of your life’s greatest happiness forever imprisonment. If you are intending to take pictures only on the phone, keep in mind that the battery is fully charged.

•  Comfortable shoes and some comfortable clothes.
•  Snack and some accessories for reading or viewing.
•  Money or card You will need money from the small expenses of the parking lot to the hospital bill.
•  If you want to take a bath during labor, then keep a bathing suit with you.    During this time if you want you can also take help of your partner.

After delivery
•  A Fresh Night Gown
•  Phone so that you can give information about this good news to your loved ones.
•  After long hours of delivery you will be feeling very hungry. It would be better if you take your own snacks at home.
•  Take out dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruits for yourself.
•  Do not forget to carry stuff with toothbrush and tooth paste, balm, comb and hair band, soap, shampoo.

For the child
•  New clothes for baby There is a hat for the head in it. Otherwise it can become sick due to air.
•  Blanket. Although the blanket is found in the hospital, but you need your blankets while taking home.

You should start packing the goods carrying with you to the hospital almost two or three weeks before the date of delivery. So that the last time of going to the hospital can be avoided by the stress and haste caused by the packing of goods.

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