Common Symptoms Of Heart Diseases In Woman

Learn what are the signs of heart diseases in women and their major causes
»  Some symptoms of cardiovascular diseases in women can be different from men.
»  The symptoms of 80 percent of women appear to be about a month before the heart attack.
»  Women should be alerted immediately after the feeling of these symptoms.

The risk of heart diseases is done to both men and women, but some symptoms of cardiovascular diseases in women can be different from men. In 2003, a research on heart diseases in women found that there are some symptoms in women that are not seen in any other. For example- worry too much, sleepiness is not complete, restlessness and feeling tired without reason. The special thing is that in these 80 percent of women, these symptoms start appearing almost a month before the heart attack.

Women may have low symptoms of cardiovascular disease-
•  Dizziness during work or sitting
•  Yellowing
•  Trouble breathing or shallow breath
•  Feeling light in the head
•  Often blinding or darkening of the eyes
•  Often worrying and worrying
•  Screw away
•  Sudden vomiting
•  Jaw drops
•  Neck pain
•  aching back
•  Feeling pain like dysentery or stomach and chest gas
•  Chills along with sweating

Women should take care of these things
•  If you feel any kind of tingling at the end of your hands or feet, contact the doctor immediately.
•  If you have stomach disorders with heart related symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest or back cold sweating or pain etc., then this is probably not just a minor stomach problem, but a little more than that.
•  Pain in neck, back, tooth, arms and shoulder bone are symptoms of heart attack. This is called ‘radiating’ pain. This happens because many arteries of the heart end here like the fingers of the fingers where the pain is concentrated.
•  If you have pain in the jaw, then it means that you have had a heart attack, that is because the nerves present in it come out of your heart. If pain is persistent then you have toothache problems, however, if the pain happens in a little while and if the pain increases after tiredness it can be related to the heart.
•  Dizziness or head walking are also some of the special symptoms of heart attack. Dizziness or stray head for no known reason are indicative of the problem of heart because such a heart is caused due to obstruction in the vein.
•  If you feel tired all the time and you also have to struggle in settling your everyday tasks, you should check the heart soon.
•  Excessive sweating than usual is not common symptoms. It may be a sign of the heart’s problem. This can happen because our heart has to make more efforts to pump blood through blocked arteries. Which leads to excessive sweating in order to keep body temperature low.

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