How to Prevent Wrinkles in Your 20 Seconds

The right way to avoid wrinkles at an early age

»  Eat nutritious food to avoid wrinkles.
»  With enough sleep, you can avoid this problem.
»  With the help of natural products, you can avoid wrinkles.

Now a days due to lack of nutrition in the catering and not getting enough sleep, the problem of wrinkles has to be two to two in the early age. The problem of wrinkles makes you old before time. There may be many causes of wrinkles such as skin dust coming into contact with soil and pollution, increasing dependence on beauty products.

In order to avoid wrinkles, a healthy diet and nutritious food besides plenty of sleep is very important. Beauty products just give you exquisite beauty, but essential vitamins and minerals are needed to keep the skin healthy from inside. To avoid wrinkles, it is important to take special care of used beauty products. If you use nature products then the risk of wrinkles and other skin problems can be reduced. Learn about ways to avoid wrinkles at an early age-

Milk, Tomatoes and Turmeric Paste
Mix tomato juice, rice flour and turmeric powder in raw milk and make paste and face on face. Wash it after drying. It keeps the skin tight. If desired, add buttermilk or sugarcane juice to it. This will also remove dark circles with wrinkles.

Avoid heavy sunlight
With strong sunlight, loss of face moisture and wrinkles begin to come up, so use a cap or umbrella to prevent sunlight. Use micr ice cream cream or sunscreen while leaving home.

Keep the skin clean
Clean the skin well outside the house from the outside, which can prevent the loss of the skin from pollution and dust mites. Always use mild facialwash.

Drink water
Drink more water than it will not lack water in the skin. Apply a habit of drinking at least 5 liters of water a day, which can reduce the likelihood of your skin related problems and wrinkles.

Eat nutritious food
Include healthy and nutritious diet in your diet. Add green vegetables, fruits and salads to your diet. This will give the skin nutrition needed and you will stay away from wrinkles.

Sandal powder
Sandalwood powder is not only helpful in removing wrinkles from the skin, but it keeps the skin tight, removes acne and relieves tanning. Put the rose water in sandalwood powder and put it on the face and wash it with water for 7-10 minutes.

Eat a morning spoon of fine stomach and add finely chopped ginger in honey. This will keep you away from wrinkles for a long time.

 Egg face pack
Shake the egg white and squeeze a little lemon into it. Now put this face pack on the neck, on the neck, on the whole, except for part of the eyes. After 10 minutes wash it with cold water. The egg whitish tightens the open hair follicles of the skin, causing loose skin tightening. This is a great face pack for wrinkled skin.

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