Secret of Beautiful Skin Uses of Egg Shell

The secret of beautiful skin is hidden in egg shells

»  Egg peels also work to increase the beauty.
»  The skin is clean and it comes in natural light.
»  Grind it and make powder and use it.

The use of eggs is used not only for health but to refine beauty. Egg yolk and white part are both beneficial for health and beauty. But have you ever heard that egg shells are also used to increase the beauty. Probably not, even with egg shells, many problems of skin can be overcome. Along with the use of egg shells, the skin is clean and natural light comes in it.

Method of use
But people are hesitant about this thing about how to use egg shells. So we tell you how to use egg shells for beauty. After the egg is washed, dry her skin in the sun. After that grind it, make powder and then use it.

Eggplant for beauty
•  There are several ways to use egg shells. To get the skin and skinless skin in the skin, make a paste by adding vinegar to the eggplant powder and massage it with light hands on the face with this paste. With this remedy, you will start to look very white in a few days.
•  By applying lemon juice or vinegar to the powder made of egg peel, the stains on the skin are cleansed and the risk of infection in the skin is also reduced. If you have any skin infections, then these solutions will prove to be very beneficial for you.
•  To maintain moisture in the skin, add the aloe vera gel to the eggplant powder and apply it on the face. With the help of this face pack, the essential moisture of the skin is retained and the face becomes bright.
•  Add sugar powder to a small quantity of powder made from eggs peel. Pour the white part of the egg into it well. Put this mask on your face once a week. You will only see the difference after using it some time.
•  Beauty in the beauty of teeth is an important role. If you are troubled by the yellowing of teeth, and even brushing your teeth daily, your teeth are yellow. Then do regular massage of egg shell pea powder. With this remedy your teeth will become naturally white.
•  Mix two teaspoons of honey in the egg shell and make a thick paste and apply it on your face. Within one week your skin will begin to notice the difference. With this remedy, moisture also prevails with the shine on the face.

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