Tips to Remove Dirt and Darkness From Neck in 20 Minutes

Removes the ground on the neck in just 20 minutes, these measures

»  We often ignore the neck,
»  There is also a significant role of neck in beauty.
»  Frozen dirt is removed from the steam on the neck.

Everyone wants to look beautiful, everyone wants his face to be clean and beautiful, but people often overlook their neck often. While there is a significant role of neck in the beauty of the face. Neck skin is very soft and sensitive! We often do not pay special attention to the cleaning of the neck while cleaning our body, and the layer of dust clay starts settling on our neck, due to which the color of our neck starts to darken and expectations of our faces over time The color of the neck starts to appear black and rough. Apart from this, due to the sunlight being too late, our neck color becomes black. In the hot summer days, our skin comes in contact with the sun and starts to sweat. It starts turning black.

If you have the same problem then the remedy given in this article can remove the dirt of the neck in just 20 minutes. If you do not believe then let’s know how this remedy works. This remedy to clean the neck at home includes 3 steps:
•  Steaming
•  Exfoliating
•  Whiting

Step-1 – Steaming
In the first step steaming, you take a small towel and deep it into hot water. Then wrap the towels on your neck, squeezing the extra water from towels. Leave towels on their neck for 5 minutes. It opens the closed pores with moisture to the skin. Frozen dirt and dead skin comes out from the steam on the neck.

Step-2 – Exfoliating
Take one teaspoon salt, one spoon baking soda and three spoons of coconut oil to do the second step, which means exfoliating. Then mix these three with a bowl. Keep in mind, salt and baking soda do not dissolve in oil. Now apply this mix on your neck and gently massage and excel at your fingertips around your neck for 5 minutes. It helps to remove dirt and dead cells from your neck skin.

Step-3 – Whitening
This remedy includes whitening paste. To make this paste, a spoonful of sandalwood powder, a spoonful of mulberry clay, a lemon juice and half a cup of raw milk are needed. Take a small bowl and mix all these things. Mixing lemon juice, milk, the milk gets frozen and the paste becomes thick. By mixing these things the paste becomes light yellow. After the paste is made, put it on the neck, leave it for 10 minutes. There is no need for massage. This pack works like a natural bleach and is helpful in keeping the neck skin.

In this way, you can get these three steps in a 20-minute shiny and clean neck. So let’s try the tray today to try this measure.

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