Do Something Like This In Children’s Habit Of Reading Development

Do something like this in children’s habit of reading development
It is said that the books are the best and the true friends of the person. This reservoir of knowledge has the power to change the person’s overall personality. But in today’s digital era, when everything is present on the fingers, it is very difficult for the children to understand the importance of books and to make them friends with books. However, the importance of books does not diminish. American Navalist and Short Story Writer George R. R. In Martin’s words, to keep his strength, the sword needs stones as well as books to the brain. Now the problem is how to develop the habit of reading in children. So let’s tell you about it today.

Starting from the Base Line
Special Educator and Child Psychologist Dr. Kailash Hospital, Noida According to Randomika Mitra, reading baby can be developed only when it starts from the base line. That is, you start the baby’s reading habit with those things that come in advance. English writer and public campaigner George Orwell also once said that the best books are those who tell you what you already know. So why should not this fund be adopted even with the children? For example, if the child recognizes the names of colors or has a little knowledge of letters or numbers, then encourage them to read books by making them the basis.

Behind the old technique
It is very sad that even today old technology is used to teach children in Indian homes. For example, children are given just for reading a book or when the child reads something new, then it is placed to remember it. This method is extremely boring for children in reality. In the homes where this technique is adopted, the books seem like a burden to children. Not only this, they keep distance from them. It would be better to say that you say goodbye to this old technique today.

Become Somewhat Creative
American book editor and socialite Jackie Kennedy had said that there are many small ways to expand your child’s world, book love is the best of them. But in order to truly awaken this love in the children’s mind, it is very important for the parents to be creative in the first place. Life and Parenting Coach Saloni Singh says that to create a taste for the child’s reading, decorate a small book shelf in their room and keep some very good books in it, which makes the child enjoy reading. In addition to this, add a habit of reading a Story Book with the child everyday before sleeping or you should do something like watching your child’s interstitial, so that the trend can move towards the books.

Take care of it also
•  Do not ever pressurize the child to read. If the child does not want to read, do not force him with any kind. By doing so, he will run away from the books.
•  Never start a child’s reading from the course book. This will make them feel as if they have been set up to get them done. It would be better if you buy some books while watching their interstate and enjoy them with them.
•  Insert the baby’s baby from an early age. You probably do not know, but even when the children do not even know how to speak, they still enjoy the book seeing and touching it.
•  Make a rule to read, create a rule. Just as you would like to eat and eat every day, read it every day. If the child is not even reading, then you must read something or every day sitting in front of him. This will increase his curiosity towards that too.

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