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For the needle thread, Varun Dhawan has reduced the weight by eating Ghee-Tori, read the complete diet plan
»  Varun Dhawan has reduced his muscles considerably for this film.
»  Vegetables such as ghee, tomato, tinda and cilantro are healthy and delicious.
»  Close the use of more lubricated milk, butter and cheese made from it.

Bollywood’s chocolate boy Varun Dhawan and beautiful actress Anushka Sharma’s film Sui Thaa has just been released. Because of the good story and acting, this movie is getting praise and there is another reason behind the film’s hit, and that is the fitness of Varun Dhawan’s character. Yes, Varun Dhawan has reduced his muscles considerably for this film. They say that the director had clearly said that neither the chef nor the Thai should wear a mustache for the film’s character nor chest and Thai. It is a rural character so fitness should also be there. For this reason, Varun Dhawan has done the same to mold himself into the character. Even though they had a lot of difficulty in doing all this, despite this they have done so. Today we are telling you the secret of Varun Dhawan’s fast weight loss rule.

Varun himself has to say that he was not losing his weight with Exercise as the film’s demand was. So he turned to the Vegetarian Diet. He says that he consumes vegetables like ghee, tomato, tinda and cilantro, and this also reduces their weight. They say that these vegetables are really very tasty and healthy. Those people who really want to reduce their weight, such vegetables should be included in their diet. It is also important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Other Weight Loss Tips
•  Mix two teaspoons of honey in a glass of cold water every morning and mix it. Drinking this solution reduces the amount of fat from the body.
•  Stop the chapatti of wheat flour in the food and start taking chapati of barley and gram flour. Barley and gram contain carbohydrate substances that are easily digested.
•  Squeeze the juice of lemon juice in lukewarm water, it digested food well and the body feels light. Drink lemon tea in the heart so it does not make gas in the stomach.
•  Use seasonal green vegetables in more quantity. Seasonal vegetables such as Fenugreek, Spinach, Bathua, Chawlisag. These contain calcium in excess quantities.
•  Eat low energy consumables. Eat roasted gram, moong dal, porridge etc. Fat is less in them.
•  Take the germinated sprouts in the morning breakfast. Sprinkle mung, gram and soyabean by eating it, the amount of nutrients present in them doubles.
•  If you are a carnivorous, eat fried meat that contains less amount of greasy stuff like oil and ghee. Do not eat red meat at all.
Close the use of more lubricated milk, butter and cheese made from it. Because fat is in high doses which can cause obesity.

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