How Smartphones And Gadgets Affect Your Psychology

Learn How Gadgets and Smartphones Are Changing Your Child’s Psychology
»  Nowadays children learn before running a smartphone before speaking.
»  Communication skills and emotional development are affected.
»  Children’s dictionaries and creativity are becoming weaker.

Nowadays children learn to speak and learn to start a smartphone first. Use of smartphones and gadgets at an early age affects your child’s psychology (psychology). Research has found that the digital understanding of the children of today is faster and faster than ever before. Therefore, children learn to play games, play music, play videos and pose for photos at an early age. Let’s tell you about the effect this has on your children’s psychology, surrounded by smart gadgets in this ‘smart era’.

Social and Emotional Development Affected
Smartphones and the Internet have also influenced children’s communication skills and emotional development. Using smartphones, children are becoming modern and smart, but their connections with their parents are decreasing themselves. According to the study, children learn from most face-to-face communication. But due to the use of smart gadgets, face-to-face interaction with people has decreased in children. This is affecting their social development.

Children’s dictionary is getting weak
For two to two and a half years, every child learns to speak and listen. During this time, his own word store is ready. At this age, if children spend time with a smartphone then their speech and listening process will be interrupted and their vocabulary will be weak. Gail says that parents need to think that the smartphone affects children’s independent thinking. It also has an impact on creativity.

Viewing 15-25 percent of the time screen of the day
Research has found that between 50 and 60 percent of children over 10 years, 15 to 25 percent of their day’s time passes in front of the screen. At the same time, 60-65 percent of children aged 16 years spend 20-30 percent of the time on the screen. Actually nowadays we are surrounded by screen devices all around. Using the smartphone from childhood, watching cartoons and movies on TV, using laptops and tablets, children’s eyes are affected, their psychology is also affected. Even today, digital studies are done with the help of projectors and screens in many schools.
Most of these children watch the screen at least 150 times throughout the day. Because of this, the relationship between the children’s garden, basketball and toys has been broken. Now after the morning the children check the smartphone instead of preparing to bag the bags.

Bad effects on brain
When we give such devices to children, they are more attracted than natural sounds and lights towards sound and light emanating from the device. This eliminates the nature of children and the naturalness of joining the society. Now, if the child uses these electronic screen devices from childhood, its brain development is affected. Due to these devices, due to the birth of many important cells developed in the brain, they gradually get destroyed, so that the child is left behind in some special tasks. The special thing is that most of these cells do not get re-developed and children may have to spend life with that particular brain distortion.

These problems may be
The use of these devices is usually the problems the children are having – not focusing on anything, not meditating, not having brain concentrations, things to forget quickly, decrease in decision-making ability of right-wrong, change in Attitude It is difficult to understand the things of the people, and for this reason many times there are many problems in adopting the nature of devotion and stubbornness.

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