Winter Skin Care Guidelines

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Skin Care

»  Use cream containing Vitamin-E on face and body in winter.
»  Apply anti-wrinkle cream at night to make the skin soft.
»  Have facials once a month, apply face mask twice a week.
»  Make a specialization once a week, do not forget to do face conditioning.

As the winter season starts, our skin glow reduces. The skin loses its sweetness by becoming rigid, lifeless, diminished and lethargic. The effect of the same would be to start pre-maturing Aging on the skin. The effect of cold winds is seen as a stiffness on the skin, but more than that, its effect also affects the first layer of skin i.e. epidermis.

When epidermis gets compressed then our cells break down and appear in fine streaks and appear on the skin. We call them the fine line, which, in turn, turn into wrinkles, which are wrinkles. Because of this, the impact of weather and age is first seen on your face. If we pay close attention to skin care in the winter, then this problem can be dealt with and the brightness can be made of brightly colored skin.

Skin rigidity
The main problem of winter is skin dryness as often as you clean your skin with soap or facewash. It becomes equally attractive, because after the cleansing the natural moisture of the skin gets destroyed and its effect on the skin begins to appear. The skin becomes rudimentary and lifeless, the lips begin to burst and the stomachs of the feet are rigid and lifeless Are done. In this season, the skin also loses its natural glow due to low moisture in the atmosphere. Oily skin also has the effect of cold winds. It would be better to use your skin type friendly cold cream and adequate muscovir. Apart from all this, take a good sleeping and balanced diet.

How to keep meditation
•  Use cream containing vitamins e on the face and body. Use the moisturizer regularly.
•  Apply anti-wrinkle cream at night to make the skin soft.
•  Get facials once a month and add moisture base face mask twice a week at home.
•  Make a one-time exposition a week. After that do not forget to do conditioning.
•  Clean the face with light hands. Do not scrub the skin in the winter as soon as possible to remove dead cells. Avoid doing this especially with rusty skin. So that the wrinkles do not fall.
•  To make the skin tight, thermoha can make facials or take lifting facials too. Facials or treatments should be done regularly, do not leave them in the middle. Otherwise the treatment will not be endearing.
•  Egg can be used as a good face mask. It provides only the proteins needed for the skin, as well as help to soften the skin.
•  Grind almonds and mix them with raw milk on the eyes. This is nansitting pack. That is, does not come under treatment.
•  Do not talk more about the appearance of the skin with a flat skin, because the fine line in the skin comes in excessive gestation before the age.

In addition to skin care, care of feet and hands is equally important, so be sure to carry on continuous menicure and pedicure time. Body massage can also be done once in fifteen days to give rest to the whole body. This will also provide proper care of the skin as well as comfort and you will also be able to get the full personality from the vibrant body.

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