Top 5 hair masks will remove the problem of hair loss during the rainy season

During the rainy season cold winds blow on one side and heat and rain water on the other hand worsen the condition of the hair. Hair falls more during the rainy season than during normal days. There can be many reasons for this – such as rain water infection, weakening of roots, nutritional deficiency, dandruff, frizziness, stress etc. In the monsoon, girls are often worried about the growth of hair fall and frizzy hair. In such problems, using some household hair masks can easily relieve your worries.

Aloe vera and neem Hair Mask

Keep aloe vera soaked for 30 minutes, after which take out its gel. Grind the neem leaves and mix the aloe vera gel in it. Apply this mask from hair roots to tips. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash the hair with mild shampoo. This will not only remove the problem of frizziness, but will also remove all the problems related to slap.

Coconut Oil and Yogurt

Mix five teaspoons of yogurt in half a cup of coconut oil. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Mix it well and apply it to the hair roots and wash it after half an hour. This mask will increase the shine of hair and at the same time, the problem related to dandruff in the head will also go away.

Avocado and Banana

Take out the avocado peel and take out the inside of it in a bowl. Cut the peeled bananas into it, and add two spoons of honey and mix it well in the grinder. When a very smooth paste is formed, apply it well to the hair roots with the help of a brush. This mask will help you to prevent hair fall problem and make hair strong from root.

Amla and Neem

Boil the gooseberry and grind it. Add powdered neem leaves to it and prepare a paste of both. Apply the paste well on the hair and wash it after 20 to 30 minutes. Apply this pack about three times a week. This mask will add new life to the hair, increase its shine and strengthen the hair from the roots.

Milk and Honey Hair Mask

Milk is rich in fat which helps in softening your hair, as well as the lactic acid present in it helps to remove old and bad hair cells. Apply 1 teaspoon of honey in half a cup of milk on your hair. It maintains the natural moisture of the hair and does not allow them to become dry, making the hair shiny.

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