Hair Care Tips: Learn the right way of hair care in 3 steps, get rid of falling hair

If the hair is not taken care of properly, then hair begins to break and fall. Due to lack of proper nutrition, the hair loses its shine and the hair becomes dry and lifeless. Beautiful hair not only enhances your personality, but also makes you confident. Therefore it is important to take proper care of hair. Many people think expensive hair care products are needed for soft and silky hair, but this is not the case. Let us tell you how to take care of hair, so that your hair remains healthy, beautiful and strong.

Right Way to Wash Hair

The first step of hair care is that they should be washed properly and properly. Most people make many mistakes while washing hair, which causes hair to weaken.

•  Leave oil on your hair for 1 hour before washing it. For this, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. Apply the oil well to the roots and massage it.
•  Never wash hair with warm water. Use mild lukewarm or plain water to wash them. This will not lose the moisture of your hair and maintain shine.
•  If you use shampoo 2-3 times while washing your hair, note that dilute the shampoo, that is, dissolve the shampoo in half a mug of water and then wash the hair. Actually, the excessive use of shampoo destroys the natural hair oil.
•  Massage the hair with mild hands while shampooing.
•  After this you should apply conditioner to the hair. Do not make the mistake of applying it to the hair roots while using the conditioner, this weakens hair. Apply conditioner only on hair.
•  After this, the thing to note is that you should not wash your hair daily. Do not wash hair more than 2-3 times a week

Right Way to Dry Hair

Drying hair in the wrong way weakens hair and causes breakage. So keep these things in mind when drying your hair.

•  After washing the hair, first wipe the hair thoroughly with a soft (microfiber) towel. Hair gets tangled and breaks with terrycloth towels.
•  Drying hair in air is better.
•  Blow dryers should not be used to dry hair. If you also want to use a hair dryer, then use the dryer only when you dry 70% of your hair with the help of towels and air.

Right Way to Brush Hair

Hair should be combed only after drying it properly. Many people make some mistakes in combing too, which causes hair to deteriorate.

•  Do not use a comb to straighten the tangled hair, but straighten the hair only by taking a shower or water while bathing. The hair is wet and soft while bathing, so easily straightens.
•  Round hair or a brush made of metal should not be used to straighten hair. Use a clean and good quality soft plastic comb to comb. Very wide-toothed hair does not straighten hair well.
•  To fix tangled hair, straighten it downward and then grow towards the roots. This will easily separate the hair.

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