Monsoon Hair Care Tips: These 5 monsoon haircare tips will keep away the falling hair, dandruff and fungal infections

On rainy days you get relief from the scorching sun and heat, but the humidity increases and your hair loses its shine. In this season, not only skin but hair also needs special care. Not only dry and lifeless hair, but in this chance, there is a problem of fungal infection in the scalp of many people. In such a situation, there are boils in the scalp of the hair. Therefore, hair needs extra care during monsoon. Let us tell you some easy tips to avoid stickiness, dandruff and fungal infection during rainy days.

Tangled and Rough Hair

In this season, hair gets tangled and dry due to sweat, due to which they look dirty. Usually, people apply oil on their hair after massaging their hair or massage it. However massage improves blood circulation and is good for the outer layer of the scalp as it protects hair and scalp like a cap. But it does not make the hair shafts, therefore, you are advised to use an anti frizz serum in your hair after washing your hair and drying the hair with towels. This makes your hair look shafty and shiny. It softens the hair and prevents damage to the hair from UV rays and helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair for a longer color. Whenever you get out of the house, cover your hair.


Dandruff is another common problem after hair loss. Not only the monsoon, but many people are troubled by Russian in every season. In such a situation, you have to wash your hair quickly. But the very next day after washing your hair, you start seeing dandruff again. In this case, you should use a medicated shampoo containing ketoconazole, selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione once or twice a week. This helps reduce dandruff in your hair.

Oily Hair

Due to the hair being oily during the rainy season, the hair starts to get sticky. In such a situation, use a daily use shampoo that can clean your hair properly. Apart from shampoo, do not forget to apply conditioner to your hair. When you shampoo and conditioning the hair, switch from warm water to cold water after thoroughly washing the conditioner. Cold water will shrink the hair follicles, which will slow down the production of excess oil in your hair.

Fungal Infection in Hair

Dirt is the biggest reason behind fungal infection in most hair. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the hair due to sweat during the rainy season. So that fungal infections can be kept away. According to health experts, using anti-fungal lotion to prevent fungal infection in hair scalp during the rainy season can prevent fungal infection in the hair.

Lost Hair Shine

If you stay in contact with the sun’s rays, then your hair becomes dry, lifeless and has two pimples. To maintain the shine of hair during the rainy season, you should take half a cup of apple cider vinegar ie apple vinegar and dilute it with a cup of water and apply it on your hair after shampooing. This will help maintain the shine of your hair.

In addition, you should take protein intake and biotin supplements. Biotin vitamin helps in hair growth, hair loss and weak hair loss. But before taking biotin supplements, take expert advice.

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