Eating food outside too much, know the side effects,

Often people are fond of eating outside, people enjoy outdoor eating with their friends and family. At the same time, some people have the compulsion to eat outside. Students and professionals living alone away from their homes are forced to eat outside food. Everyday eating out is not good for your health. It can harm you in many ways. If you are planning to eat out with your friends today, it is better that you cancel your plans. It is not good for your own health.

Actually, you may not be aware of this fact, but eating out regularly can actually spoil your health. It increases the production of a chemical called phthalates in the body and damages your health in the worst way. It also upsets the natural hormonal balance and affects your overall health. In addition, there are many more factors that suggest that one should not eat out often or regularly. Let us know why eating outside is often not a healthy option.

What are the side effects of eating outside daily?

Less Hygienic

If you like to eat restaurants or street food, then you must be aware that the food outside is not hygienic. This does not match the hygiene of the food you eat at home. Finally, eating too much outside can cause food poisoning. (By consuming these 5 foods for breakfast, you will remain active throughout the day, lethargy and fatigue will be far away)

Too much sugar and salt

Any food you eat outside contains extra salt and sugar. It bothers your health in the worst way. When preparing chutney, sugar coating, salad topping, etc., the amount of sodium or sugar is high, in which case you consume more than the required amount of sugar or salt.

Fat and Calories

The food cooked in the street food or restaurant contains oil which has high fat and calories. Thus, there is no idea how much fat and calories you have consumed in a day. Because, it increases your weight.

The serving plate is not clean at all

You cannot be sure that the plate you are using is completely clean and clean to eat inside. Restaurants often do not clean eating plates properly. Therefore, bacteria and germs live in plates and you fall ill.

When you eat outside you eat more

You often forget that you are following a diet and eat too much when you dine outside. This eventually causes weight gain and bloating, gastric problems etc.

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