Stage 0 Breast Cancer Diagnosed

‘Stage Breast Cancer’ happened to Kuldeep Kumar’s wife, know how dangerous this stage is!
»  Tahira kumar, wife of Kuldeep Kumar, has become breast cancer.
»  Tahira kumar had to resort to breast surgery for this.
»  Every woman should take regular body checkup to avoid this.

There is a bad news coming out of Bollywood after one year about health. Tahira Kumar, wife of  Kuldeep Kumar, has now been breast cancer after Irrfan Khan and Sonali Bendri. This thing has been given by Tahira through its Instagram account. He has said that he has breast cancer. But the good thing is that his cancer is still on the Zero Stage i.e. at the initial stage. He also shared a detailed post about cancer by posting one of his photos taken in the hospital.

Kuldeep Kumar has shared a picture of his wife and wrote, “Thank you very much for your support and links. The last seven days were very difficult days for us, but we gladly adopted it as a challange and fought it. I am very proud of my Princess Warrior. ” Tell you that Tahira has to undergo surgery for this. In her post too, Tahira has advised the women to be aware of this and said that I am 35 years old and that I soon learned about this disease. You should also read about this and also do regular body checkup. Let Tahira Books and Plays write that, soon after the theatrical directing and production, they are going to write the film soon.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
If pain or lump is felt in the breast, it should be consulted with the doctor. Sometimes this also happens, there is no pain in the lump, but it feels like touching. The lump in the breasts can be detected through mammography. Breast cancer can also be detected and does not even cost a lot of money in mammography. A woman of 30 to 35 years must be sure to do a mammography once. Lump in the breast and its size increase over time, abdominal abdominal growth, swelling next to the side, red nipple or bleeding from them, If your breast has any emergence or unusual thickness, contact your doctor immediately.

Reasons for Breast Cancer
•  If you feel any lump in your breasts then check it immediately. By investigation, it will be possible to know how dangerous the bumps formed in the breasts are.
•  The risk of breast cancer depends largely on the environment and lifestyle.
•  In women, this disease can also be due to food allergic reactions.
•  Due to heredity, women may also have breast cancer.
•  It can happen to women from breast cancer to another woman too.
•  Contraceptive pills are the main reason for breast cancer in women. As soon as a woman becomes a mother, the likelihood of breast cancer becomes almost the same.

Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment
It is necessary that every woman, from the age of 30 years, after the menstruation, will check the changes in the breasts and its surroundings. Similarly, from the age of 40, every woman should make a veneer of breasts once in a year by making her nurse with her breast specialist. This x-ray is called a mammogram. The micro-cancerous portion of rice grains can be detected through the mammogram. In this situation, there is no need to remove whole breast in the treatment of cancer. Breast cancer patients who are found in this condition can be 90 to 95 percent successful treatment. When breast cancer is detected in the advanced stage, then it is necessary for the treatment of whole breast to be removed through operation.

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