Cystitis In Women Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Women in monsoon have a risk of cystitis disease, identify its symptoms
»  In cystitis, there is a complaint of inflammation, burning and pain in the urinary tract.
»  The risk of hydration in this disease also increases significantly.
»  If someone has cystitis disease, contact the doctor immediately.

Cystitis is a disease in which there is a complaint of inflammation, burning and pain in the urinary tract. In the rainy season or in the turmeric winter season the risk of getting this disease increases. Doctors say that thirst in this disease seems to be low, so people drink less water. But do you know that drinking less water can be dangerous for your health. This increases the risk of not only dehydration but also many types of infection. Cystitis is also a disease spreading due to infection. The risk of hydration in this disease also increases significantly.

Talking on the prevention of infection, doctors say that cleanliness should always be used, cleanliness is the biggest way to avoid any disease. Since this disease affects both men and women, women are more likely to have chances, so it is also very important to make a safe connection. If someone has cystitis disease, then the doctor should contact him immediately because he can treat serious diseases when he is not treated for the time being. According to a report, with the reasons for the lack of dirty toilets or toilets, about 30 percent of women in India suffer from it.

Caution is Necessary
If it is ignored if there is a problem of infection in urine tube, then due to its infections it is destined to fail the kidney. If the urinary tract decreases, it takes more time to urinate and put more emphasis, then the urine tube has become narrow. Many times the urinary tract gets damaged due to infection. Occasionally this problem is also caused by urinary infection, injury, long hose and unprotected sex in the way of urination. In this case, contact the immediate urologist and give urine culture.

Symptoms of Cystitis
•  Pain during urination
•  Pain or burning sensation in the vagina
•  frequent urination.
•  Urine Happiness
•  Pain in the lower abdomen
•  Light fever
•  Sometimes urine also comes with blood.
•  It takes more time to pass the urine.

What is the Treatment
If urologist believes that treatment of urinary infection is possible with urethroplasty method. Through this surgery the urinal tube is made from the chest and lip inside the tissue (mucosa). This surgery is easy and can help prevent kidney failure.

Keep These Things in Mind
•  Frequent urination, burning sensation in urine, fever, smelly urination and urine color blurred or red in the lower part of the abdomen and feeling pressure in the lower part of the stomach are the main symptoms of this disease.
•  Drink plenty of water to avoid this disease. Urine is required every one hour so you should drink about 8-10 glasses of water everyday. In some cases, infection can transition from the bladder to the upper kidneys.
•  Use of arrowroot powder can provide relief from this disease. Ararot is a demulsant which means that it relaxes the urinary tract. Therefore, it provides relief in pain during the infection. There are several such elements that are helpful in fixing the infection.
•  To recover from the symptoms of cystitis, soak the bottom of the abdomen with a hot water bag or bottle. With this warmth, lower blood pressure will be better in the lower abdomen and burns and pain will decrease.

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