Sperm is reduced by 25% in men with the wrong underwear, know what to wear a boxer or brief?

Use of the wrong underwear in men affects their ability to become fathers. A recent research has reported that wearing tight underwear can reduce sperm count (sperm count) by 25% in men, which may deprive them of becoming fathers in the future. Surprising to know you, these days the sperm count and quality have decreased in the youth of the world. Scientists believe that a major reason for this may be men’s underwear. There are 2 types of underwear available in the market for men- briefs and boxers. Let us tell you what underwear men should wear and what research says.

Scientists made disclosures related to underwear and health

A recently published study reported that men who wear loose-fitting underwear have better sperm quality than men who wear tight underwear. This research has been published in a journal called Human Reproduction published by Oxford University. For a long time, research was being done about the effect of men’s underwear on their health. Poor sperm quality or low count affects men’s ability to become fathers.

What to wear, briefs or boxer?

Boxer underwear for men began in 1920. These underwear are loose from the thighs. Brief underwear debuted nearly a decade later. The special thing about the briefs was that they used to stick to the skin like a bikini. Due to the size of the brief, the fitting is good, some people still find it more stylish than the boxer. But according to scientists, wearing tight underwear is dangerous for men’s health. This is the reason why men are advised to wear boxers instead of briefs.

How sperm quality affected by tight underwear?

In males, sperm (sperm) are formed in the testis. It is a very sensitive organ, which is affected by temperature. You also know that the internal temperature of our body is high. In order to make the testes healthy, it is necessary to have a temperature of 2-4 degrees Celsius lower than the actual temperature of your body. Perhaps this is the reason that nature has given this part of men a different place outside the body, so that this organ can get enough coolness. Not only humans, but in many mammals, nature has done this by itself.

When a person wears tight underwear, the testicles also become hot due to the heat emanating from the body and hamper the healthy production of the sperm. At the same time, when a person wears loose-fitting underwear, the body heat is released and fresh air is easily penetrated to the skin. This gives the testes the right temperature to make sperm.

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