Oxymorons Examples in sentences, Funny & Common

Examples of Oxymorons in Sentences
There are figures of Oxymorons speech, in which two contradictory words are gathered to create rude effects by contradictory mediums. The word has been taken from the Oxymoron Greek for obviously foolish (oxys = sharp / anxious and moros = fool). Oxymoron is very useful in written English because they can make effective titles, have dramatic effects, add flavor to speech, and sometimes can be used to achieve comedic effects. Here is a detailed list of 64 examples of Oxymoron in the sentence. In each example, oxymorons are underlined.

Examples of Oxymorons in Sentences
•  This is another great mistake that you have received from us.
•  Among them there is a real love hate relationship between the two.
•  Suddenly a room filled with terrible silence.
•  The comedian was seriously witty.
•  You are clearly confused with the situation in which you have found yourself.
•  His singing was enough to raise the living dead.
•  Do you have original copies that we have requested?
•  This is a real simulation Rolex watch.
•  I really want to try that new junkie shrimp restaurant.
•  His new girlfriend is actually very ugly.
•  Sorry, I can not help you right now, I am involved in my minor problem.
•  Give me fifty dollars given by me or pay for dinner, this is the same difference.
•  My visit to Bali was a very busy holiday.
•  I screamed silently because the cat revolted around the door with a dead bird.
•  You have to use proofreading services, this is your only choice.
•  The seventies was an age of free love.
•  I will ask the professor for their unbiased opinion.
•  The stable variable is that which does not change.
•  The preacher went for an endless hour.
•  We laughed and cried through tragic comedy.
•  parting is such sweet sorrow.
•  They could not wait to get out alone.
•  We will use plastic goggles in the picnic.
•  Student teacher explained the way to complete the lecture editing.
•  Gossip is the old news.
•  The woman who finally got married is painfully beautiful.
•  Wow! This ice cream is disgusting tasty.
•  Be careful in the playground, move slowly.
•  Your apple pie is very good.
•  A small crowd gathered to see the concert.
•  It is an open secret that they have been related to the last six months.
•  They have a real passive aggressive personality.
•  You were very fortunate to avoid car accidents.
•  Stop having a big kid
•  I am sure that I am getting old because I am getting old.
•  She is my most favorite relationship.
•  The story was based on the concept of a true myth.
•  This is usually an example of weird behavior usually appearing.
•  She has become a highly unpopular celebrity.
•  I am on a heavy diet till my wedding day.
•  I am a deeply superficial person.
•  I like a smuggler He is the only honest thief.
•  Good sorrow, we are really late.
•  I can not make any promise but it is a sure possibility.
•  She was very happy with her birthday present
•  In response to the enemy, the army returned friendly fire.
•  He established a new wireless cable in the television room.
•  They had to be forced to stand for the post of President.
•  There will be zero tolerance in the future.
•  Apart from what I was told, I did not have any choice.

Funny, Sarcastic and Cynical Examples of Oxymorons
•  Microsoft Works
•  military intelligence
•  government organization
•  American history
•  business ethics
•  Butt head
•  Temporary tax increase
•  Twelve ounce pound cake
•  express Mail
•  marital bliss
•  Congress ethics
•  Airline food
•  President Bush
•  Peacekeeper missile

Common Oxymoron Examples
It seems that you have used some oxymorons in your everyday life, or at least heard, even if you do not realize it at that time. Let’s see if any of these hits home for you:

•  Act Naturally
•  alone together
•  Surprisingly horrible
•  bittersweet
•  Clearly confused
•  Bright light
•  deafening silence
•  Maybe maybe
•  Farewell welcome
•  Growing small
•  Jumbo shrimp
•  Only likes
•  Open secret
•  original copy
•  Painful beautiful
•  passive aggressive
•  random order
•  Small crowd
•  sweet sorrow
•  True myth
•  Walking Dead
•  Weird general

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