How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?

Prevent Breast Cancer: The words “breast cancer” can trigger a series of reactions, including impotence, nervousness and vulnerability. Breast cancer has grown due to the critical number of people who have been determined to have this disease. The most important thing, in any case, is how advances in breast cancer drugs have contributed to an increase in the overall survival rates of this exceptionally treatable disease.

Why should we say that the rate of breast cancer is increasing? One likelihood could be due to improvements in detection techniques. In this way, we discover more breast cancers in treatable stages. Advances in the surveillance, detection and treatment of breast cancer have increased the overall increase in breast cancer survival. There is a variety of affordable medications for breast cancer, which may include medical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hostile hormonal treatments. It is important to realize that there are different subtypes of breast cancer, which therefore boost the strength of the disease, treatment options and, basically, survival.

Some risk factors for breast cancer can not be changed, that is, be a woman, gain more experience and have hereditary qualities. It is imperative to realize that most breast cancer rates are not genetic, which really implies that one can reduce the risk of developing this disease. Some of the lifestyle changes suggested are:

Maintain a healthy body weight

If you are too strong at that time, your chances of getting breast cancer are high, despite what you might expect, if you are in good physical shape and have a solid BMI. for breast cancer

which may include weight loss in case of overweight. Frequent practice: using the stairs instead of the elevator and joining a class of activities with a companion are activity tips. Opt for 30 minutes of activity per day. * (Do not try too much, stay hydrated, surrender to your body, check with your family doctor to review your activity patterns).

Give up smoking:

How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?
How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?

Choose healthy foods that incorporate low-fat dietary nutrients, whole grains, soil products, and low-fat meats, including fish and chicken. * (Be careful not to overspend, look at sizes and bites).

Keep away from alcohol

How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?
How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?

Strangely, they realized that breastfeeding was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. The defensive system occurs more frequently in the breasts of women who breastfeed for a year. Subsequently, there are fewer benefits for women who are breastfeeding for a short time. There is a variety of contemplations regarding the reasoning method for this defensive impact. For example, while the breasts produce milk, a “separation” of the mammary cells occurs, which can cause some obstruction against the cancer cells. Also, while women are breastfeeding, their menstrual cycles often stop, resulting in a general decrease of estrogen in the body. Despite the many benefits of breastfeeding, many women can not breastfeed for a variety of reasons.

Breast health: a prudent approach for women

All women can, in any case, merge the latest methodologies in their lifestyle for breast wellbeing. Having routine clinical exams performed by a professional doctor / family doctor and becoming familiar with the appearance and feel of your breasts are two basic messages. The last flag allows women to perceive possible progressions.

Changes can include:

Another node or thickening of the breast tissue or armpit territory

Swelling, redness or darkening of the breasts

Encourage the release of the areola that does not go away

Changes in the measurement of your chest

Traction or shirring of the skin or areola

Another agony in one recognizes that he is not going

It may be less demanding to notice changes in your breasts if you are using a mirror or doing a self-examination while sitting on the bed or in the shower. When doing a self-examination, be sure to incorporate the “tail” of the breast and the area of ​​the armpit. The tail of the chest is the upper part of the chest that extends to the area of ​​the armpit. If you notice any of these changes in your breasts, meeting with your personal services or family doctor is a good start. A convincing reality to remember is that most irregularities

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