Chocolate Protects Brain From Getting Damaged

Chocolate protects brain from getting damaged
Now you can openly eat chocolate without any stopgap. Scientists claim that eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of brain damage during the stroke.

According to scientists at John Hopkins University, apachetine in chocolate protects the brain cells from being destroyed during the compound stroke. In their experiments, the scientists gave dose of epicetechine to rats in their experiments. After that, cutting the vein that gives blood to the brain produces a stroke position.

According to the Daily Mail, scientists found that due to stroke in epiketechin mice less damage to brain cells While the brain cells without epiketechins became more damaged. Scientists believe that epicetechin can also be beneficial for humans.

Dark chocolate boosts mood, protects the brain, improves memory and focus, and more. Antioxidants protect brain cells by neutralizing free radical damage. Getting more magnesium from chocolate can improve memory, focus, mood.

Researchers say it’s a compound in dark chocolate that appears to limit stroke damage by amplifying brain signals that protect nerve cells.

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