Why Pregnancy Before Age 30 Is A Good Decision

Why is it the right decision, the cause of becoming a mother before the age of 30
»  In the girls, the trend of progressing after the age of 30 has increased.
»  Before 30, the decision to become a mother is right.
»  After 30-35 years of pregnancy, many problems occur.

With time changing people’s priorities are also changing. Nowadays, the trend of marriage has increased after the age of 25-30 in boys and girls. Most girls want to become self-reliant, then get married. For this reason, the trend of progression of girls after the age of 30 has increased. But experts say the best time to get pregnant is 30 years ago. Problems and difficulties in pregnancy increases with age. Let’s tell you why 30 years ago, the decision to become a mother is right.

By the age of 30 are pregnant for the first time, they have to face more problems during reproduction. For the first time at the age of 30, women who have become mothers are prematurely pregnant or pregnant with 20 percent more than normal women. Apart from this, women who smoke or overweight are more at risk.

Does the problem of pregnancy occur after the age of 30?
There is no problem in getting pregnant after the age of 30, that is, you can easily get pregnant. But being just pregnant is not enough. Your baby is healthy and you do not have any problems after delivery, it is better that you first get pregnant before the age of 30. If you want two children, then it is important for you that the first progression is before 30 years. Nearly 20 percent of women aged 35 years of age do not get pregnant after one year even after regular sexual intercourse.

There may be many problems in pregnancy after 30
Under 30s is considered to be best for pregnancy. In such cases as the age increases, some changes in women’s body also increase some complications. Some scientific researches show that at higher age 35, risks are more due to problems like diabetes and high blood pressure in pregnancy. These conditions can affect your health as well as affect pregnancy and delivery. The risk of miscarriage is higher in older women. Also, the complications of gestational pregnancy such as gastroenteritis, i.e., falling down too much, pre-eclampsia, i.e. problems caused by high blood pressure and premature birth, are also higher in older age.

Pregnancy before 30 is more likely to normal delivery
If you are pregnant 30 years ago, then the possibility of normal delivery increases. In the late pregnancy, the condition of the child at the time of delivery can be such that normal delivery can be difficult. This happens especially when you are old and you are becoming a mother for the first time. Therefore, caesarean operations are advised by doctors in such cases.

What is the right age for becoming a mother
Experts believe that the age of 20 to 30 years is the right time for women to become a mother for the first time. If you are thinking about career and self reliance, at least for the first time do not wait for more than 35 years to become a mother. This threatens both mother and infant.

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