What Is Hernia And Causes Diagnose Treatment

Learn what Hernia is and how it is diagnosed and cured of this dangerous disease
»  It can be in any part of the body.
»  Stomach parts come out in hernia.
»  Raise any item with the right technique in this disease.

Hernia is a disease that arises due to the extra growth of the organ, that is, if the body part is larger than its normal condition then it is hernia. It can be in any part of the body. But hernia in the stomach is the most common. Hernia’s pain is extremely painful. In most cases, hernia raises the skin downward. The location of this bulge depends on the type of hernia. In some hernia, the pain is painful. Or anybody has a stretch, but there is no pain. It can be easily seen during coughing or defecation.

When a part of the weak part of the abdominal wall comes outwards, it is called hernia. In hernia, parts of the stomach get out because of the special part of the thigh being weak due to the muscles. Hernia’s problem can also be congenital. In this situation, it is called conjunital hernia. Hernia may be after one time to anyone. Usually people think that Hernia’s only treatment is surgery, because of which they are afraid to go to the doctor. But it is not that hernia can be cured without surgery too.

Precautions in Hernia
•  Raise any luggage with the right technique. You can consult your doctor for this. Raise any luggage with the doctor’s suggested methods.
•  Do not let your weight grow. Overweight can increase your pain. If you are overweight then try to control it. With the help of a dietician, you can also make proper diet charts for yourself.
•  Constipation can increase your pain, discomfort and disease. So, do not let your digestive system deteriorate in any aspect. For this, add more fiber to your diet. Also consume fluid intake more. Do not delay getting retired after pressure in the stomach.

Hernia Ultrasound Detection
Ultrasound is a tested method to detect hernia. In this, the picture of the inner part of the body is prepared through sound waves. This shows how big a gap between your muscles is. And it can give information about hernia. Ultrasound also shows that due to any other problem, you do not have to face pain.
Occasionally the doctor can ask to do some other investigation. If you feel the need to do MRI and CT scan, the doctor can ask you to do this investigation. MRI machine creates a magnetic field that makes the photos inside your body. CT scan is a type of X-ray, which takes many pictures of the inner part of the body together, and that too from different angles.

What to do to avoid Hernia
•  Cleanliness of the rectum
•  Avoid Obesity and Weight Gain Problems
•  Consumption of protein and vitamin C supplements
•  Wear comfortable undergarments
•  Avoid actions that put more pressure on our stomach muscles.
•  Weight should also be balanced.
•  If constipation is a problem then treat it instantly.
•  Consume fibrous substances.

Yoga for Hernia
Lie back to the plane of the back. Keep the hands in the hernia place. Then lift both feet up to two feet above the ground. When we lift our right foot, the left leg should be down and when the left leg raises the right foot should be down. Repeat this process at least ten times. After doing this procedure, rest after keeping the feet down.

First stand in careful posture. Then keep both legs apart from each other and then lifting the hands above the head, join the palms together. After this, folding the right leg to the knee, put the soles on the left thigh. During this condition the right leg’s heel will be under the anus and genital area. While balancing on the left leg, keep the palms, head and shoulders straight in the same direction. It is also called tree tree. As long as the position of this seat can be easily balanced by staying in balance, stay in it for as long as possible. Can be done two or three times with one foot.

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