what is the ideal body weight

The ideal body weight

» The ideal weight depends on the physical structure of the person.
» The ideal weight is not always the same, it keeps changing.
» The ideal weight depends on the person’s lifestyle.
» Ideal weight is different in both men and women.

People may have seen you often becoming overwhelmed due to weight gain or decrease. People are confused about what the ideal weight should be or how much weight is appropriate for a particular age.

What is the ideal weight, it determines the length of a man. The length of which will be much higher and its weight is less and its weight is reduced. But this table is different in both men and women. Let us tell you what is the ideal weight.

What is the ideal weight

The ideal weight of any person depends on its muscles and obesity. Being ideal weight does not mean that in every situation the weight of the person’s body will be the same, but it is natural to change the weight according to the time and circumstances. You should have certain weight based on your age and length in ideal weight. For your ideal weight, international standard BMI is considered as Body Mass Index.

According to this, for a healthy person, up to 23 to 30 BMI has been kept. Less than 23 underweight and more than 30 BMIs have been kept in the category of overweight. If there is a low weight, there is adverse effect on your whole body’s functioning. The advice is low. The disease resistance of the body becomes impaired. In the event of overweight, obesity, heart disease, cholesterol increase, high blood pressure, joint pain starts.

The main things related to ideal weight

  To know the ideal weight, the formula for body mass index (BMI) is so hard to say, how effective are the weight, but it is certain that extra body fat is not good for health.
  Where excess fat is present in the body, losses can be stopped due to the lack of fat and making nervesals and hormones.
  Every person’s activities, activities and lifestyle are different from each other, in such a way the proportion of fat for the body will also be different.
  In fact, the ideal weight of the person depends on its masals and their obesity.
  Being ideal weight does not mean that the body remains in the same condition, but changes in weight according to time and circumstances.
  You should have a certain weight based on your age, gender, and length, under ideal weight.
  According to the BMI Formula, if an adult person weighs more than 30 kg then he falls under the category of overweight.
  Regular gymnasium or wrestlers have more weight. Because the weight of their muscles is higher than the fat present in the body, the BMI of those who exercise will always be more.
  Ideal weight is different in women and men. If a woman’s length is 5 feet then her weight should be around 45-46 kg. If the length of the male is 5 feet then its weight should be more than 48 kg.
In this way, the ideal weight depends on the person’s gender, size, body structure and style. It is very important to seek the doctor’s advice to keep the ideal weight.

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