Weight Loss Diet: Make these 5 high protein breakfasts in 20 minutes for weight loss

When you try to lose weight, your breakfast is considered the most important part in completing this weight-loss journey. Because if you have a healthy breakfast, it helps to keep you energetic throughout the day, prevents you from overeating, which helps you lose weight. High protein breakfast is considered an ideal diet for those trying to lose weight, as protein helps to boost your metabolism.

Some studies also suggest that high-protein breakfast can help control your craving. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced breakfast in the morning. Come here, we are telling you about high-protein breakfast that can be easily made in more than 20 minutes. Which you can add to your diet and make your weight loss friend.

Moong dal chilla

Moong dal chilla is a very tasty and quick breakfast, moong dal is a rich source of vitamin C and plant-based protein. You can make moong dal chilla in less time and it is a very healthy breakfast along with helping you stay full for a long time. If you like, you can also make chilla with cheese or seasonal vegetables.

Yogurt and Berries

Yogurt and berries can be included in your weight loss journey, this will help you lose weight. High in protein and low in calories, yogurt can be a great breakfast. A 100 gram yogurt contains 10 grams of protein. You can also eat plain yogurt with nuts and berries of your choice. This will help you to remain erogenetic throughout the day and will also help in weight loss.

Protein rich Eggs

Everyone probably knows how beneficial eggs are for you. But eggs that are low in calories and high in protein are considered healthy foods, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Along with being healthy, the best thing about eggs is that you can make it in many ways and easily. If you want, you can boil it or eat it by making omelette. Boiled eggs are considered more healthy.

Ripe or Boiled Beans

Ripe or boiled beans are rich in protein and fiber. 100 grams of zucchini beans have 6 grams of protein. This helps to keep you full longer and reduce craving for unhealthy foods. So that you can reduce your weight easily. So you include beans in your weight loss diet.

Multigrain Bread

If you are trying to lose weight, include multigrain bread in your diet. Multigrain breads contain plenty of complex carbs, which gradually improves your metabolism and prevents craving for unhealthy food. You can eat it with peanut butter, cheese. Apart from this, you can also eat it by making egg sandwich.

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