Weight Gain by Herbs

Weight can be increased easily by consuming herbs

»  Eating herbs does not lead to stomach disorders.
»  Eat Kirat, Camomain and Ginger to gain weight.
»  Sattarikalp, Ashwagandha, Vasant Kusumkar juice etc. also eat.
»  Chyavanprash is a herbal tonic, it can increase weight.

To keep the body healthy and fit, the Ayurvedic method is being used long ago. Herbs have very high quality and do not have side effects on the body. Many herbs are such that their consumption increases appetite and increases weight.

Those who have vata defect (stomach disorders) in the language of Ayurveda, their health is always bad. Due to irregularity in eating, low calorie intake inside the body and metabolism is affected. If you want to use herbs to increase obesity then take a consultation with a physician so that these herbs do not have a bad effect on your health.

Some herbal ingredients are: –

This is a very good medicine for weight gain. This food is hard to eat. It consumes appetite by consuming it. Apart from this, stomach problems like – indigestion or other disorders end up with it. Kirat is used in small intestine enzymes for secretion, gastric secretion and gall bladder problems.

Consuming chamomile increases appetite. It is not a bitter taste in the food. Chamomile consumption was done very long before digestion of food. Apart from this, Chamomile is also a very effective drug for cancer patients. This drug is very useful for the thin people. Eating it ends brain anxiety and stress.

Ginger is very sharp in eating. Ginger is a very old and easily medicated medicine. It was used earlier to keep the digestive tract properly. Mix dry ginger with the good and get rid of problems like cold and stomachache. Ginger consumption also increases blood circulation. Ginger is not used in appetite, indigestion, flatulence and nausea. Ginger is very beneficial to protect against cold.

Chyavanprash is a very beneficial herbal tonic for the body. Chyavanprash can be used by people of all ages. By eating it every day, the body gets energy and metabolism improves. Chyavanprash contains a mixture of many herbs. By taking it with milk and with juice, it gives the body natural strength.

Sattvari kalpa
It is very beneficial to increase obesity. By taking it, the reproductive organs and muscles are strong. Sattari kalpa increases eyesight too.

It is a chemical or tonic that strengthens the immune system. Eating it increases appetite and digestion is good. It ends stress.

Spring kusumakar juice
It strengthens body parts. Due to this, the digestive system is good and fatness increases.

By eating Yashtimudhu, the body gets enough nutrients. This completes fruit deficient nutrients.

However, to improve digestion, taking of herbs is a very good solution. But proper diet for better health and yoga is also important every day. Yoga and proper eating habits help to increase weight.

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