TB Is The World Most Dangerous Infectious Disease

TB is the world’s most dangerous infectious disease, how many are its patients
»  TB is not spread by touching or shaking the hand of the infected person.
»  Tuberculosis is still the most dangerous infectious disease in the world.
»  The patient should not place the place but spit in one polythene.

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the world’s most dangerous infectious disease, but after the year 2000, about 5.4 million deaths due to TB can be avoided due to global efforts. World Health Organization (WHO) gave this information on Tuesday. According to the report of Xinhua news agency, WHO said in its latest 2018 Global TB report that different countries are still not doing much to eliminate it by 2030.

With this, the WHO also asked 50 heads of state and government to make decisive decisions in this regard, which will probably participate in the first high level meeting of TB on next week. It has been reported in the report that there has been some reduction in the number of people killed in TB in the last few years. According to an estimate in 2017, 10 million people were infected with TB and 16 lakh deaths, including 3 lakh HIV-positive people. New cases of TB have come down by 2 percent.

However, the cases of undereorting and non-diagnosis (under-diagnosis) in TB case remain a major challenge. Of the 10 million people who died in TB in 2017, only 64 lakh cases were registered officially in the National Reporting System, out of which 36 lakh people were not treated or identified but the disease was not reported. According to the report, to meet the target of ending TB by 2030 till 2025, treatment coverage will be increased to 64 percent to 90 percent.

Symptoms of TB
•  More than three weeks cough
•  Fever (which typically grows in the evening)
•  Sharp pain in the chest
•  A sudden event of weight.
•  Loss of appetite.
•  Blood clotting with mucus
•  Too much lung infection
•  Shortness of breath.

Such is TB infection
Bacteria spread in the air through the cough, sneezing, coughing, spitting and breathing by those infected with TB, which can stay in the air for several hours. Due to which a healthy person can easily become a victim of it. Although the TB does not spread by touching or handling the infected person’s clothes. When TB bacteria reaches the lungs through respiration, it increases manifold and damages the lungs. Although the body’s immune system prevents it from growing, but as the body’s immune system weakens, the risk of TB infection increases.

Remedies to Avoid TB
•  Cough for more than two weeks, do not care negatively, but contact a good doctor during the time.
•  If you know that a person has TB, then keep distance from as much as possible. Because it is a kind of infected disease.
•  If someone around you has been coughing for a long time, be careful with her and go away immediately.
•  If you are going to meet any TB patient, then come home and rinse thoroughly after washing your hands.
•  Take nutritious food to protect from this disease. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, proteins and fibers. Because nutritious food strengthens our immune system.
•  If you have cough for a long time, you must definitely check for mucus, or go to the doctor and take a related test.
•  TB patients should wear masks. Do not spread the disease due to your sneezing or coughing. At the same time, the common man should be careful when someone is doing such a thing before him.
•  The patient should not place the place but spit in one polythene.
•  The patient should use the least amount of public things. So that a healthy person does not get into it.

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