Steps To Heal Your Feet After a Week In Stilettos

The pain caused by the wearing of heels has been found immediately after these 7 tips

»  Constant heels are caused by wearing damage.
»  Dip your feet in hot water
»  Feet massage also helps to relax from the feet.

Nowadays, many women wear high heels of sandals. Many hours a day, they wear such sandals. But, the high heeled sandals have a great effect on your body. Keeping such heeled sandals continuously can be a lot of pain in the legs.

Wearing heels, there is no pressure on the feet. Along with this, delicate muscles of the claw are also affected. Not only you but you also have a lot of pressure on your waist and knees while walking through heels. And remember this too, the higher the heel, the more pressure the pressure will be.

According to a research, every third woman has had permanent problem of waist, knee and leg due to keeping constant heels. Pressure from heels also results in negative effects on the feet of tissues. If wearing heels you have also started to have foot problems, then by taking some measures, you can reduce the problem to a lesser extent.

Walk barefoot
Forget heels and relax your feet on weekends. Walk barefoot whenever possible. Put the legs on the ground Take a barefoot walk on the grass. Walk barefoot on the carpet. By wearing heels, the swelling that comes in your feet and your eyes will be reduced.

Treat those ulcers
The open wound is not good for you. Apply antiseptic cream on those wounds. This will reduce the risk of infection in those hoaxes and ulcers. Do not rinse any blisters. After some time they will end up automatically. However, your heart may have been trying to do this, but keep yourself under control.

Immerse in water
After weeks of fatigue, your feet should rest. Keep your feet soaked in hot water in the tub. If you have barks, you may have trouble for some time, but in the end your muscles will get much comfort. You can also put some drops of oil in this water to take advantage of this sinikai.

Of course, you have very beautiful shoes that you want to wear. But, wait for some time. Not so fast, so good. Haste can increase your problem. So work comfortably and wait for your problem to slow down gradually. Otherwise your pain increases.

Foot Massage
It is a great way to get relief from foot problems. Go to the spa and have foot massage. Expert massage makes your feet less muscular. If you want you can also take help of Yoga.

Wear a flat slippers or sandals
If you have to go out somewhere, then of course you can not go barefoot. In this case you can wear flat slippers or sandals. These are not only relaxing, but it also reduces the pain of your feet. It may be that you do not get fun and enjoys with heels, but do you have any other options.

Make pedicure
After getting the feet relaxed, you can have pedicure on them. This gives your healthy feet the final touch. Your feet look healthy and stylish.

Adjust the Heels according to your own
Wearing your heels, your feet have to suffer a lot. However, keeping in mind some things, you can reduce the damage to the feet. If all these measures do not relieve your feet, then you should contact a specialist. It is possible that this will save you from having more damage to your feet.

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