Smoking increases the risk of hair loss

Hair loss risk increases due to smoking

Smoking is also harmful for hair as well as health. By drinking cigarettes you can also suffer from lung disease as well as baldness.
»  The problem of baldness compared to women is seen more in men.
»  Smoking is also responsible for genetic reasons for hair loss.
»  Smoking also affects the growth of new hair imposed through hair transplants.

Smoking can harm your health, and it can also make you bald. Some people believe that drinking cigarettes does not affect the hair, while it is wrong. Strong hair puts on your beauty.

It has been made clear in the research that those who smoke cigarettes begin to fall at twice the rate of non-smokers. Smoking can also be a reason for a man’s baldness. To know the effect of smoking on the hair, researchers studied about 700 men in Taiwan from the age of 40 years to the age of 91.

It was found in the study that the rate of falling hair fall of 20 or more cigarettes per day was twice the number of people who did not smoke cigarettes. The people who had given up smoking had also seen smoking effect on their hair.

Smoking causes adverse effects on whole blood circulation. There are many dangerous chemicals along with nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes cause harmful chemical agents to enter the body inside with breath. These chemicals also harm the hair. Through this article, we tell you how smoking can cause hair loss.

You may have noticed that most of the people in some families are grayish. Generally the problem of hair graying is genetic. Experts believe that even long-term smoking increases the risk of your hair becoming brown. The nicotine in the cigarette gets compressed. Smoking produces carbon monoxide in the body and oxygen is reduced, so the toxic substances are not destroyed. For this reason, after many hair becomes gray or fall.

Hair fall
The problem of hair fall is more than that of men in men. Smoking causes the level of endogenous hormone responsible for baldness in the body. This hormone affects the hair roots, causing the person to become bald. At the same time, there are two types of hormones in the body of women in androgens and estrogens. Astrozone hormone protects women from the problem of hair fall by reducing the effect of androgens. This is the reason that women are less prey to baldness compared to men.

Effect on new hair
Some people are seen that they do not stop smoking cigarettes after having a hair transplant. Smoking promotes the growth of new hair imposed by hair transplant. Do not smoke unless possible. If you are not able to stop smoking then try to reduce it gradually than before.

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