Problem Pain after Childbirth

After delivery, the woman may have a pain problem

»  The problem of pain may be due to complications of delivery.
»  Normal conditions after gestation may take time to come.
»  Cesarean tanks can also be caused by teas and burning.
»  After bleeding, apply cream to relieve kidney pain.

The woman needs care during pregnancy, but she has to be very careful even after delivery. There are many changes due to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, but after delivery, there are many changes in the body.

In the first week of delivery, there is a lot of change in the body which causes unbearable pain. Pain in the urus can be felt, especially on breastfeeding because it causes the uterus to shrink. Pain in the breasts may also be felt. Let us give you information about how to deal with pain after delivery.

Why does pain happen after delivery
There may be some complications after delivery. There are a few – eclampsia (within the first two days or 48 hours after delivery) infection and bleeding (high blood secretion). Infections, usually due to premature labor pain or premature release of cells, can occur due to cleanliness.

If the infection is over, then fever, headache, pain in the lower part of the abdomen, stomach of vaginal discharge and vomiting and diarrhea begin to begin. The bleeding may occur even after ten days or more days after delivery. During bleeding, there is yellowing in the blood and it can cause blood loss and canker.

After delivery, the eutra comes in its normal state, due to which the cells contract, there is pain due to it. After 3 to 5 days of delivery your breast will be filled with milk. Your breasts can be tough and painful. Sometimes breast milk can be brewed with breasts.

Ways to Avoid Pain After Delivery
  Pain and cramps are normal after delivery, do not panic. Slowly it gets cured.
•  If cesarean is done then there may be irritation and tissue due to stitches. Whenever you feel that it is difficult to tolerate it, it can take a pain medicine.
•  Due to bleeding, you can use any medication like spray or cream to get rid of anal in pain.
•  To prevent infection and odor, keep the vaginal and the perineal part of the anus always clean.
•  To overcome the pain of the perineal part, this part can be baked with hot water.
•  To reduce the pain and swelling of the first day after delivery, keep ice packs for a short while on the vicinity of your vagina and anus.
• Take a bath with lukewarm water. After 24 hours of giving birth to your baby, you can start bathing.
•  Keep changing your sanitary pad regularly.
•  Keep your hands clean with soap and water, clean hands frequently in the day.
Also, take special care of food and drink and go to the doctor for regular checkup even after delivery.

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