Do not eat ‘Red Line’ Medicines without Doctor’s advice, Know why this is Dangerous

A tweet has been made from the official Twitter account of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, to make people aware of the red line on the medicine leaf. . According to the post, the doctor’s advice must be taken once before eating the red streaked leaf pills. This is because without doctor’s advice, consuming these drugs can be fatal for you!

Why see the Red Line?

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare post, “Some medicines, such as antibiotics, have a steep red streak on the leaf. That means, these medicines should only be taken as advised by the doctor. Always told by the doctor. Take the full course of medicine. ”

What do you say?

According to Dr. Dilish Malik, “Red-scarring drugs are drugs that are not over-the-counter medications. These drugs should not be given or bought without a prescription. Because these drugs have many side effects. These drugs can also be fatal. These types of medicines can only give a specialist of related disease. If we talk about another side effect, these Repeated use of VEO can also cause addiction to the person, which is harmful. Therefore, please consult your doctor once before taking these medicines. “

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