What to Expect and Ways to Relieve Labor Pain

What you do not know about Labor

»  In the second stage the servix opens completely.
»  Contraception continues even after the baby is born.
»  If you feel the strain in the muscles of the womb continuously, then go to the doctor.
»  You can reduce this pain by adopting a long respiratory process.

Labor Pain experience in pregnancy is different for every woman. It does not have any definite form, so you can understand that it is labor pain. But, we are telling you some such things about childbirth, which you probably have not heard before.

In the last week of pregnancy, the uterus feels cramped, which is called the Labor Labor, usually all women have. False Labor occurs just before delivery, so it is difficult for women to know whether these are labels or real labor pains. Usually there are three stages of labor. Let’s learn about them.

First stage
In this stage, the servix (the lower part of the uterus) opens and spreads, along with a light colored blood pass from the vagina. At the end of this stage the contraction becomes much faster and this process lasts for a long time.

Second stage
In this stage the servix opens completely, and the child needs help to get out of the vagina. This is the state when the doctor asks you to push until the baby is born. This process may take up to two hours or more.

Third stage
The contraction occurs after the baby is born and the umbilical cord emerges. The contraction that occurs at this time is like the contraction that occurs before the baby’s birth, but it is less painful. This stage stays from a few seconds to 15-20 minutes.

Contact the doctor
•  Stretch in the womb muscles continuously and after a while. Apart from this, when it is longer and intensely.
•  If there is a complaint of pain in the lower part of your waist
•  Your child is protected from a fluid bag. It breaks down during labor and the water begins to fall. It is a symptom of delivery.
•  If there is a problem of bleeding.
•  You have a fever, a headache, or an abdominal pain.

How to make labor easy
Many women are very scared about Labor Pain, but by keeping some things in mind, you can make your delivery easier.

•  By adopting long breathing process.
•  Local and Intravenous medicines.
•  By injection which prevents pain in the lower part of the body.
•  Spinal anesthesia
It is expected that after reading this article, you may have learned many things related to labor that you might not have heard before. After knowing them, delivery time could be more convenient for you.

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