Labile Hypertension can be the cause of death, know about it


•  Labile hypertension can be the cause of death
•  Sodium and Caffeine Can Increase Trouble
•  Treatment through meditation, deep breathing and yoga possible

In today’s time, most people are suffering from high blood pressure and they also consume medicines for its treatment. But labile hypertension is a word about which many people are unaware of. It is slightly different from hypertension. In this, the person’s blood pressure suddenly fluctuates from normal to high levels. However, in this situation, blood pressure is high for some time and after that it becomes normal, so most people do not know about it.

May be Dangerous

Labile hypertension can be far more fatal than hypertension. Actually, sudden and temporary increase in blood pressure puts pressure on the heart and other organs. If there is a lot of fluctuation in blood pressure, then it can cause considerable harm to kidneys, blood vessels, eyes and hearing. Not only this, even stroke may even lead to death of a person, if the treatment is not initiated during its time.

Avoid these Triggers

Dr. Jaideep Bansal, HOD and senior consultant of the Neurology Department of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, points out that there are many such things, due to which the lab hypertension can make the person more disturbed. Firstly, the increase in blood pressure can be due to emotional stress. If a person suffering from label hypertension is very worried or stressed in any condition, then many times a day his blood pressure fluctuations can be seen.

Apart from this, catering also affects this problem. The excessive use of sodium or high caffeine in food works like a trigger for such people. At the same time, some people have high levels of blood pressure only when they meet the doctor or they have any surgery. In fact, in this way, he is very concerned about his health. This form of label hypertension is also called white coat hypertension or white coat syndrome.

Identify Symptoms

According to Dr. Jaideep Bansal, Labile hypertension  can not be easily detected because it is not a definite symptom. But those who suffer from this problem, some changes are seen in their body, on which basis it can be identified. like-

•  Headache
•  Nervousness in the heart
•  Tingling or tinnitus in ears

However, also note that having physical problems does not mean that the person is suffering from label hypertension. These problems are due to many other reasons too. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult a doctor if there is such a change in the body.

Treatment is Necessary

The first step in the treatment of label hypertension is that blood pressure should always be monitored, because in this situation, blood pressure may increase in 15 to 20 minutes and then it can be normal. It is therefore necessary to see how often blood pressure fluctuates in the day. At the same time, medicines used for the treatment of blood pressure such as diuretics or ACE inhibitors etc. Rather, it is necessary to control emotional stress or stress through its treatment. Therefore, anti-stress medicines such as Alprazolam Clonidine, Diazepam lorazepam paroxetine serrated can be consumed on the advice of the doctor.

Do this Effort

It is said that Prevention is Better Than Cure i.e. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you can also make some efforts to improve your condition and prevent future leukemia hypertension. Limit the amount of salt and caffeine from smoking and alcohol. Make the same exercise as part of your daily routine for exercising, meditation, deep breathing, yoga etc. for the same stress.

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