Cause And Treatment Of Umbilical Hernia In Kids

Babies may have to go out of the navel, find out the cause of the umbilical hernia.
»  It is normal for the baby to get out of the navel in the early days.
»  Surgery is needed if you are not recovering for 3-4 years.
»  10% of children have problems in the umbilical hernia.

Many babies have emerged from the navel outside or have emerged and larger than normal. The reason for this can be the umbilical hernia. Normally this problem in infants is cured by itself. But even if the infant’s umbilicus emerged and grown until the age of 3-4, it could be an indication of the umbilical hernia. Let’s tell you what is the umbilical hernia and why is this problem

Anyone who needs the nutrients needed for the development of the child before the birth of the child, they meet him with the umbilical cord by the mother. This umbilical cord is attached to the navel of the baby’s stomach. This cord also comes out with the baby after birth. After birth the nerve is tied and cut. Since there is no vein in this tube, the baby does not have pain. If it is not tied, it naturally closes itself.

Why does Ambilical hernia
Up to 3 years of birth, all the infant’s internal organs develop. In such a case, if an internal organ creates a pressure on the weak part in the stomach, then that part emerges. This situation is called ambulatory hernia. These hernia in children are normal, but adults may also have this problem. Generally, this problem occurs in 10% of the children in the early days, most of whom are cured of themselves in children.

What is the treatment of the raised navel
If the raised navel of the baby is not cured by 3-4 years of age, then surgery is required. Many times the child is suffering due to this hernia or there is a problem in blood circulation, even when surgery is needed. Sometimes the pain of the stomach in children can also cause tension in the intestine, so contact the doctor in such a situation.

How is the probability of ambulical hernia
Usually doctors find out about the umbilical hernia after seeing the baby’s navel. In many cases, it is examined by X-ray and ultrasound that there is no pressure in the body or pressure of any internal organ due to ambulatory hernia. Apart from this, blood tests are also done if there is a danger of blood infection or aschemia.

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