Anti Aging Cream: Know about Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredients

There is hardly any woman in the world who wants to let the effect of old age appear on her skin. Often women resort to anti-aging creams to prevent their aging signs. This anti-aging cream not only prevents fine lines and wrinkles from getting longer, but also makes your skin more youthful, making you look younger for longer. Although this cream is not magic, instead some ingredients are used while making it, which makes you skin look more youthful. Not only this, the effect is not visible immediately after its use, but it takes some time for the cream to show its effect. So, today we are telling you about the ingredients that are used in these creams and which will help you to maintain your youth for a long time-

For wrinkles: Retinol, Vitamin C

If you have fine lines on your face, then you should use an anti-aging cream that contains retinol. Retinol makes your skin smooth because its use helps make your skin more collagen. At the same time, vitamin C products not only help in removing fine lines, but also reduce the damage done to your skin by sun rays. You might not know, but sun rays are also a main cause of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and vitamin C-rich products help in keeping away wrinkles.

For Sagging: Peptides, Ceramides

With age, skin starts to look loose. In such a situation, you should choose a product that contains peptides. This makes the skin firm again, causing skin tightness. Peptides are actually groups of amino acids that help to make proteins including collagen. Along with daily moisturizing of the skin, if it is also given ceramides, then it again regains the fats that are lost with age. So you can also choose anti-aging products containing ceramides.

For Univen Skin Tone: AHA & Retinoids

AHA i.e. alpha hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells. Because of which new skin sales come on your skin. With the exit of dead skin cells, your uninvited skin also goes away. Retinoid also does the same thing for your skin. But if your skin is dry or sensitive, then you should use them only on the advice of a careful and cosmetologist.

For Dal Skin: AHA, Retinoids

If you are older or you smoke a lot or your skin is dry, then you are more likely to have Dal skin. Due to the dullness of the skin, the age seems much older than the actual. In such a situation, it can be given a firm look only by moisturizing the skin. In such a situation, choose a cream that contains alpha hydroxy acids and retinoid, it helps to brighten your skin again.

Choose the right Product like this

Never an anti-aging cream contains the same amount of all ingredients. One cream contains more of an ingredient and is equal to the other. In such a situation, it can be difficult to choose the right product for yourself. If you make a mistake in this, it may cause irritation or dryness in the skin. Therefore, while buying them, understand the need of your skin and then choose the product accordingly. For example, initially choose a product that has a low amount of retinol. You can increase it gradually.

Way to Apply

After choosing the product, it is the turn to apply them. If you are using a product containing vitamin C, then apply it in the morning. At the same time, a product containing retinol should be applied at night because the sun’s rays can reduce its effect. Similarly, if you have dry skin or if you want you to look younger, then apply moisturizer every day. This will make your skin more youthful.

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