How to Use Egg for Hair Conditioning

Quick Bites

•  Effectively restore essential protein damage from the eggs.
•  Beat the yolk and whip it completely so that it mixes well.
•  Mix one big spoon olive oil in it.
•  Put lukewarm water to spread the mixture well.

You can make your own hair conditioner using some of the ingredients found at home. The egg is one of them It contains many nutrients such as essential proteins that can effectively restore the damage. To bring back the natural glow and glow, you need to learn the right method of using the egg for hair conditioning, which are lost for regular wear and tear, pollution or any other reason.

The method of using eggs as a hair conditioner

Crack the egg yolk in a bowl. Make sure to separate the yolk from the white. Beat the yolk and whip it completely so that it mixes well. Now add one tablespoon olive oil to the whipped yolk and start re-mixing the mixture. If you want a more pleasant odor, then replace the baby oil for olive oil.

Put lukewarm water to spread the mixture well. You want it to spread evenly throughout your hair stretch on the head. Now, before applying it on your hair, clean it with a light shampoo. Make sure excess water is released from the hair after rinse.

Apply half the mixture on your hair, spreading on top of your head. Prevent this from coming to your face, just because olive oil is not good for facial skin, although egg yolk is beneficial. The second part of the mixture is required to be applied using the arm behind your head.

Make sure the mixture has a uniform coating on your head. Running fingers on your hair can help you to ensure it. Allow it to be set on your hair for at least five minutes. For better results, you can set it up to 30 minutes.

Now it’s time to remove the mixture from your hair. Use lukewarm or cold water but never use hot water. It can cook the egg on your hair, another washing is required. Apart from this cold water is helpful in making hair shiny.

Protein in the egg strengthens the hair follicles, and reduces the number of split ends. Other elements like sulfur, vitamins and mineral help in the rapid and healthy growth of hair.

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