How To Heal Chafed Skin

How to fix rubbing skin

»  There may be many troubles on skin scratching
»  It is important that you keep it dry after skin scratching.
»  Wearing cotton and comfortable clothing will be beneficial
»  Use of oatmeal will also give you benefits.

Continuous friction and rubbing can cause skin to peel. After skin cleansing, there may be constant pain and restlessness. It can be in any part of the body. But this problem is higher in places like thighs, waist and neck.

To get rid of this, it is necessary to keep the area dry where the skin is peeled. Wear loose clothes, because exposure to clothing can cause skin irritation and pain. Your effort should be to try not to rubbish again at that place. If your skin is rubbing, then we tell you about its treatment.

Treatment for rubbing skin
keep dry
The most important treatment for skin problems is to keep it dry. You can use Talcum powder to keep it dry. Powder protects skin from moisture. If for some reason your clothes are wet or sweat, then remove them. Pain and irritation can occur in the spilled place after exposure to sweating.

Use petroleum jelly or smooth products on the skin sprayed. Lubricants protect your skin from excess rub and rubbing. Petroleum jelly is readily available and economical. Before doing any physical activity, put petroleum jelly or other greasy material on your skin (especially in places where skin is rubbing). Doing so will reduce the friction of the skin and the skin will not peel.

Right dress
It is very important to wear the right dress to fix the skinned skin. Whenever exercising or other physical activity, wearing synthetic clothing that absorbs moisture. Do not exercise in cotton clothes anytime. Do not wear small and how to wear clothes, wear fitting clothes. Avoid wearing too loose clothes.

Use of oatmeal
Sit in the bathtub for approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Put oatmeal or oatmeal on the skin sprayed comfortably. Slowly pat the water slowly in the bathtub, do not even rub the skin and it will get relief soon.

Clear with water
If your skin has been peeled then first wash with clean water. After that, add smooth substances like petroleum jelly etc. This will reduce the irritation and pain, and in some days your skin’s condition will be cured.

After trying all these remedies, even if skin irritation, pain, swelling, bleeding etc., then contact the doctor.

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