How To Do Dental Care

Dental Care is more important for health.

»  It is important to know how to take proper care of teeth.
»  Teeth are lost and become very sensitive.
»  The correct type of gums and teeth should be cleaned properly.
»  Without filling, teeth can also be cold.

It is said that there is no other millstone like a tooth. These not only make you beautiful but also make your life very difficult without them. Even though knowing all this, most of us are not aware of our teeth. And in the end, they have to face many problems. Know how you can take care of your teeth properly.

We all have any problems related to teeth. However, few people go to a dental specialist for a minor problem. Due to this overlook, many small diseases also become serious due to this ignorance. If you take proper care of the teeth and make regular checkups of your teeth every six months, problems can be prevented from time to time.

Cold diseases like cataracts, cavity, pimples, stomach odors and dental hygiene are most commonly seen in teeth. Most of the people are left with some of these problems. Let’s know what are the reasons for these problems and how to avoid them.

Why Does It Feel Warm
Tooth decay, sleeplessness in the sleep, after teeth to rub, roots of gums start to look cold and cold due to cavity. At the same time, putting too much emphasis on teeth while brushing, teeth are lost and become very sensitive.

How To Avoid
Do not put too much pressure on the teeth while brushing. As well as avoid grinding of teeth.

What Is The Treatment
This time the treatment is decided on what is the reason behind the cold heat in your teeth. Nevertheless, doctors recommend using special toothpaste. You can also use the synthetic toothpaste found in the market without doctor advice. However, if you do not get rest even after pasting two to three months, then you should show the doctor.

Tooth Worm 

Why Is The Problem
Many times the teeth do not take care of the right type of teeth and the teeth become soaked in. This problem is due to this. Along with this, Acid in the mouth is also responsible for this. We have bacteria in our mouth. And when we do not rinse after eating, these bacteria remain in the mouth. In these circumstances, shortly after the meal, the bacteria convert sweet or starch into starch. This acid containing bacteria and mouth saliva together forms a sticky substance (plaque). This sticky substance sticks to teeth and damages teeth and gums. When the bacteria of the placenta make the cavity in the tooth, it is called the worm itself ie the caries.

How To Avoid
To avoid this problem it is necessary that you sleep at night by brushing it down. Eat less sweet or starch with it. Consumption of these things has a bad effect on your teeth. Brush or rinse after eating. Keep in mind the cleaning of your teeth.

How To Recognize
Do your teeth not shine now? Do you see brown and black spots on teeth? The food is stuck in your teeth. Cold – feels hot, so these are all signs of cavity. You should go to the doctor immediately. Cavity can be stopped if you look into this problem soon.

Get Quick Relief
Normal painkillers can be consumed when there is a pain in the tooth. You can consume paracetamol, aspirin, ebro-protein etc. As a natural treatment, cloves or oil may also be applied to the teeth. It reduces the pain of gums. Yes, after the pain is removed, do not forget it. You must go to the doctor and do the filling.

Tooth Care

Filling Is Necessary
Filling does not seem to be cold and sour sweet in the teeth. After this you may also have a toothache. If the problem is high then the pas can also become. You may need to route the root canal further. So do not delay filling.

Bad Breath
If the gums and teeth are not cleaned properly, then there can be bad odor due to rot and illness. Sometimes it is due to poor stomach or thickness of the mouth. Drying onions and garlic, etc. also results in smell of mouth.

Treatment: Clove, cardamom chewing helps get rid of it. Sugar for a while – Chewing chewing chewing gum free, except for the smell of mouth, garbage in the teeth and massage is also done. There are also mouthwashes in the market for this.

Smells started to come out, swelling and bleeding in the gums and pyreia may start when chewing pain starts. Having a plaque becomes a white-yellow layer behind the tooth. Many times the bone gets damaged and the teeth start moving. The root cause of the pear is not to clean the teeth.

Treatment: Paira is treated both in both surgical and non-surgical. Initially, treatment does not help in surgery. Cleaning, deep cleaning (under the gums) and flap surgery is the triangulation of the pyre.

When Tooth Decay
If the tooth has become completely hollow, there is a severe infection, if the teeth are moved by gum disease or the disease has reached the root cause of teeth, it is necessary to remove the tooth.

The Right Way To Brush
It should be brushed every time after eating but it can not be done. Brush at least twice a day in the day and rinse every time after eating. Teeth should brush for three to four minutes. Many people like tooth like a vessel, which is wrong. It causes the teeth to collapse. Generally, the way people clean the teeth, 60-70 percent of them are cleaned. Gradually clean the teeth with soft pressures with light pressures. Start brushing from one side to the other side and go to the other side. Turn off the teeth in turn. Brush the upper teeth and the teeth below the top teeth upwards. Remove the particles trapped between teeth, from the floss (plastic thread). It takes 7-8 minutes and it is not very common in your country. Cleaning the teeth of teeth and gums as well. They are strong by gently massage the gums with a finger or brush.

Cleaning The Tongue Is Essential: the tongue can be cleaned with both clean cleaners and brushes. Use the tight cleaner in such a way that blood does not come out.

How To Brush Right: Brush should be soft and slender from the front. Brushes should be changed in about two to three months or when brasils spread.

Role Of Toothpaste
Toothpaste does not have much role in the cleaning of teeth. It is a medium, which acts as a lubrication, forming and freshing. Real Action Brushes But even if you use toothpaste, then it should have fluoride. It protects against worms in the teeth. Refreshments are felt from Pipermint et al. It is enough to take as much as toothpaste peas.

Powder And Mung
Avoid use of toothpowder and mungbean. Toothpowder looks fine but is quite rough. Toothpowder, not with a finger, but rather a brush. Manjan rubbed down the enamel.

Datun: Neem’s teeth have the ability to fight diseases but it does not completely clean the teeth. The better option is the brush. If you have to grind it, then chew it well. When the next part of the teeth becomes soft, then clean the tooth slowly. Stringent teeth tooth pressures – rub tightly to get rid of teeth.

Mouthwash: Realizes the fragrance in the mouth. Good for hygiene, but it should not be used much.

Toothache In The Sleep
Reason: Because of anger, stress and habit, many people grind teeth in sleep. Going ahead leads to tooth decay.

Rescue: Use the NightGuard.

Scaling And Polishing
Scaling and polishing are done to clean the dirt stored on the teeth. This hand and ultrasound machine is done in both ways. Tea – Coffee, Pan and Tobacco etc. are used to bleach teeth whitening teeth. The whiteness of the teeth lasting for one to two and a half years and after that there may be a need for bleaching again.

When To Checkup
If there is no problem then there is no need to do a separate check for cavity but once every six months, teeth should be thoroughly examined.

Keep Smiling
There is a two-way relationship between grin and good and beautiful teeth. With beautiful teeth where grin is good, while smile makes teeth good. Stress causes tooth grinding, causing teeth to worsen. Acid is also made from stress, which damages the teeth.

Care Of Children’s Teeth
•  Do not sleep with a bottle of milk in the mouth of small children.
•  Do not feed chocolate and chewing gum. Eat too immediately.
•  Do not let the child suck the thumb. This makes the teeth crispy – rams.
•  Put the habit of brushing well at the age of one and a half.
•  Do not give fluoride toothpaste to children under the age of six years.

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