How To Avoid Hair Loss

Ignore the hair fall

»  The effect of hair falls on the entire personality.
»  Hair loss is a very common procedure.
»  Use the helmet for a long time.

Over the centuries, poet has been playing an important role of hair while lecturing beauty. Whether it is male or female, the beauty of women’s hair is very important for all of us.

Whether talking about beauty or fitness, the effect of hair falls on our entire personality. In addition to your first impression, your hair is your style statement. The fall of hair is a natural process and it affects different people in different ways.

Hair fall
Hair loss in men and women has become a very common procedure for many reasons today. Hair fall in women is like a hazard, and sometimes it results in depression or psychological problems. Our beauty is very important to us. Even it is believed that beautiful children also help in enhancing self confidence.

Some special reasons for hair fall
•  To face sunlight or pollution for longer periods of time.
•  Using high amounts of chemicals on hair
•  Use of modern equipment.
•  Malnutrition or unhealthy eating habits
•  Genetic baldness or hormone imbalance
•  Use the helmet for a long time.

The absence of hair on the head affects the overall beauty of the person and for this reason the feeling of depression and insecurity arises in the person. The time for hair fall in men and women is also different. Men’s hair starts falling before the age of 40 and women’s hair often starts falling after the age of 40.

Some modern ways that work in baldness
•  use drugs.
•  Laser medicines, such as laser beans
•  Clinical treatments such as skull therapy, ultraviolet and infrared light therapy, laser massages.
•  Direct Hair Implant (DHI).

Side effects of some of these therapies have also been found and some are painless, such as DHI. Prior to therapy, a person should fully collect information about medical expenses and side effects.

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