Home Made Deodorants For Smelling Fresh And Removing Body Odour

Relieves the heat odor

»  Harmful deodorant can be skin and breast cancer.
»  Domestic DeDrants save you money and keep you fresh.
»  Mix natural oils with coconut oil and baking soda, make them dio.

The problem of stench from underarms is common due to excessive sweating during the summer season. You may also use deo, perfume or stick to get relief from this stench. But you must also know that there are many chemicals present in the market, these deojs which damage the skin. Alcohol present in DIO burns the skin several times and it also threatens the underarms with black. So instead of harmful chemicals sold in the market, if you use home-made natural dishes, your skin will not be damaged and it is also very easy to make. Let’s tell you how you can make a DIO at home.

Benefits of Natur Dio
Natural Deodorant does not have any side effects on your skin. With this you get the pleasure of your favorite smell. So, to protect yourself from the rationes and jealousy, you must consider the natural forms of the deodorant. These DIV deodrants are not only effective, but they do not have toxin at the same time. Not only this, it is not too heavy on your pocket.

Coconut oil div
Dioco made from coconut oil does not harm your skin and also keeps the skin hydrated. Apart from this, you can also get relief for long periods of perspiration. For this, you have to take three spoons of coconut oil, three spoon baking soda, 2 teaspoons shea butter, 2 arrowroots and natural oil. Now melt the shea butter and coconut oil in small quantities. After that, mix baking soda, arrowroot well in it. Add some natural oil and place this mixture in a glass container. Let this mixer cool down. Now remove your Dio Stick, you are ready to use the deodorant.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree is a kind of oil obtained from tea tree which is very useful. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it kills the jerms and bacteria. It keeps the skin hydrated and works like a natural moisturizer. Apart from this, its smell is also very charming. To make this, you have to take Grain ethyl alcohol and Tea Tree Oil. Now put the grain ethyl alcohol in a spray bottle and put 10 drops of T-tree oil in it. Mix it well and spray it in your vineyards. If you like, you can add Pipermint, Leander or Lemon Oil to lighten the olfactory odor.

Benefits of this Dio
Body spray found in the market actually closes the sweat glands, which has a great effect on our body. But, these spray do not do this. They do not prevent sweating from the body and harming it with the harmful toxicity. They only kill the bacteria that produce the smell of sweat.

Wax and oil
To make it a quarter cup of corn starch, one quarter cup baking soda, 3 teaspoon oil, a bean wax (beex), five drops tea tree oil and other natural oil from a bee honeycomb.

Melt coconut oil and bewsx well in a vessel. Now put all the products in it. Keep stirring until it becomes foam in paste. Put this paste in an old dio stick. Now leave it at normal temperature. You will see that in a short time, the Dio Stick has been frozen and ready for use. These deodorants save you a lot of money and keep you fresh all day. These deodorants are a smart way to fight the smell of sweat this summer. It does not affect your pocket and your skin is healthy too.

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