Hair Style Can Affect Hair Health

Hair styling also affects hair
»  Hair styles are caused by various hair styles.
»  Do not use hot rods to curl hair.
»  Even hair shades begin to shrivel even by combing them in wet hair.
»  Some diseases also cause hair problems.

Hair style gives the beauty of any woman in the form of four moons, and if you have used a different kind of hair style, then you are also a subject of discussion among the people.

The women especially work hard to save hair, and many times they also spend hours in different hair styles, in the hour parlor. But hardly do you know hair styles are also very responsible for hair problems. In this article, detail how hair styles harm your hair.

Hair Style can Affect Hair Health

Hair Styles and Hair
Hair styling also falls on hair. Hair fall is often responsible for ranging from drugs to medicines and diseases. If you used a hot rod to curl hair it could be the reason for your hair fall. Combing wet hair is also a problem of hair fall.

Hair Problem
Very few people will know that the average number of hair on human head is 1 lakh. After the completion of the growth cycle, the hair starts falling from the root everyday. The rate of hair falling may vary from hundred to hundred hundred per day, but it depends on how much hair is on the head, what is the age, and what stage the growth cycle is in. The special thing is that people with soft hair become bald before those who are obese.

As the male or female gets older, the fall of the hair gets sharp. This is a normal procedure, and when 95 percent of the head fall head, it is called endrogenetic alopecia.

The beginning of the fall of the hair from the head of the head is from the upper part of the head, in women, from all parts of the head. In women, the fall of hair also stops after an extent. Androgenic alopecia often runs over generations. Some people are more affected than others,

Some Common Causes of Hair Problems
•  Hair mostly fall during November-December.
•  For the peaks, excessive stretch in the hair can make a scar and the hair can break permanently.
•  Using hot oil treatment and chemical, the roots of the hair are swollen and the result is hair fall.
•  Changes in hormones after pregnancy or pregnancy are also a cause of hair fall.
•  Hair loss due to unbalanced food, especially iron deficiency
•  Contraceptive pills, arthritic medicines and excessive use of vitamin A are also responsible for the fall of the hair.
•  Hypothyroidism, herpes and fungal infections are extremely harmful for hair.
•  There is a problem of hair falling after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
•  Excessive physical and emotional stress are also responsible for hair fall.

Hair Problem Prevention
These methods of treatment can provide some relief to women. If you use hair dryer, hot roll or curling iron, change hair style. Use light shampoos and other conditioners during hot oil treatment. Avoid excessive dose of Vitamin-A. Rosemary and olive oil massage on the head is helpful in the growth of the hair. Men can use some herbs, such as Mothi and Ashwagandha. Zinc supplements can also be taken.

If your hairstyle is causing hair loss, contact the doctor and treat them.

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