Guava Leaves For Hair: Guava leaves will cure all hair problems know how to use

Worrying about hair loss or breakage has become a common problem for almost everyone. Due to lifestyle, diet and many other reasons, hair starts getting weak and breakage and fall, in such a situation, if you are looking for a cure to get rid of this problem, then we tell you a good tip, which is related to your hair Every small and big problem will help in solving the problem.

When it comes to hair care, everyone tries to choose branded hair products to strengthen and protect their hair. But today we are telling you a cheap home remedy to keep your hair healthy, which will help to make your hair strong, shiny and thick, giving it all the necessary nutrients. If you want healthy, strong and bouncy hair, then you can use guava leaves for your hair. This is a natural way to care for your hair. Guava leaves are a miraculous remedy for your hair loss. Not only this, guava leaves also help in keeping the shine of hair and hair strong.

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, making it a popular ingredient to maintain the scalp’s health. It is rich in vitamins B and C, which aids hair growth. Let us tell you how you can use guava leaves for your hair.

How to Use Guava Leaves For Hair


•  20 guava leaves
•  1-liter water
•  1 lemon
•  Strainer
•  A pot of water to boil

Way to use

•  First you pour 1 liter of water in a vessel.
•  Now let it boil. When the water starts boiling a lot, you put guava leaves in the boiling water and let it boil for 20 minutes.
•  Let it cool down after 20 minutes and add lemon juice to it.
•  Now wash and dry your hair with shampoo.
•  When your hair is dry, you divide your hair into several parts and apply this solution of guava on your scalp.
•  Massage it on your scalp for 10 minutes and leave the solution for about 2 hours.
•  After that wash your hair with lukewarm water. Make sure that you do not wash your hair with hot water as it can have a bad effect on your hair. •  If your hair is falling too much, then you use this solution three times a week.

Guava Leaves Benefits for Hair Growth and Hair Fall

•  Guava leaves are rich in vitamin C, which increases collagen and helps to promote hair growth and make hair healthy.
•  Guava leaves contain lycopene, which is also helpful in protecting our hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
•  In addition, the antioxidant properties present in guava leaves are helpful in fighting free radicals.
•  It helps to remove dirt or frozen scum from your hair reducing the damage done to the hair and helps in opening the follicles.

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