Cancer Risk: Weight gain has increased before the age of 40, so be careful, there may be a risk of many cancers

An international study has revealed that if your weight starts increasing before the age of 40, then you are more at risk of cancer. This study tried to find out whether adults (over 40) who are overweight (BMI over 25) or obese (BMI over 30) have different types of cancer risk Increases.

It was shown in the study that if you become obese before the age of 40, then the chances of these cancers increase in you to this extent.

•  70% of endometrial cancer.
•  Renal-cell cancer 58% in men.
•  29 percent chance of colon cancer in men.
•  The probability of all types of cancer related to obesity increases by 15% in men and women.
“Obesity is known to be a risk factor for many cancers,” said Professor Tone George of the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at Bergen University. In this study, we focused on the degree, time and duration of overweight and obesity risk of cancer risk.

Researchers in this study included adults with two or more measurements and kept them aside for at least three years before potentially being diagnosed with cancer. Researchers monitored the activities of all individuals for an average of about 18 years.

The findings of the study revealed that post-menopause in overweight and obese adults was found to be more prone to risk of breast cancer, endometrium, kidney cancer and colon cancer.

Participants from Norway, Sweden and Austria participated in this study. The study, Mee-Can, analyzed data from 2,20,000 adults. Health screening information, including length and weight, was related to data from the National Cancer Registry. During the investigation, 27,881 adults were diagnosed with cancer, of which 35 percent i.e 9,761 were related to obesity.

Obese participants found a higher risk of developing obesity-related cancer than those with a normal BMI (BMI greater than 30) in the first and second health check-ups.

“The risk of cancer was found to be 64 percent in men and 48 percent in women,” said George. The results of the study revealed that breast cancer, endometriosis, kidney cells after menopause in overweight and obese people. Cancer and colon cancer risk were found to be higher.

George says that our main message is to prevent weight gain by creating an important public health strategy to reduce the risk of cancer.

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