Exercise is a Removal of Depression

Regular exercise can help people to get rid of stress. Researchers have found that those who exercise regularly, their fear of being ‘depressed’ halves compared to those who do not exercise.

By the way mental health improves only when it is done with pleasure. This research has been done at the King’s College in London. According to the chief researcher Dr. Samuel Harvey, doctors should advise the patient to exercise in treating diseases related to depression and mental anxiety.

Researchers found that the more active people are physically, the less likely they are to become depressed. Those who are not active in their spare time, the apprehensions of their depression are doubled.

By the way, it is not necessary to reduce the depression, to do heavy exercise, even the slightest exercise is helpful. More than 40 thousand Norwegian people were included under the research. This research has been published in the ‘British Journal of Psychiatry’.

Harvey says that apart from exercise, staying between friends and promoting social interaction also reduce depression.

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