Exercise during Ramadan


•  During the Ramadan, do some puffery exercises.
•  Do not exercise too heavy.
•  It will be enough to walk in the morning and evening very much.
•  Exercise is not a threat of acidity during Ramadan.

Exercise is very important to stay fit and it becomes even more important in the days of Ramadan. Physical fitness comes only through exercise. Although the fast way is better for keeping fit, but it is important to exercise during the month of Ramadan. By adopting some types of exercise, you can stay fit in the days of Ramadan.

Exercise also has both physical and mental benefits. But it is fine to exercise lightly during fasting.
By doing exercise, the body becomes healthy, beautiful and shapely.
Exercise during Ramadan keeps digestion faster and does not endanger the acidity.
Exercise reduces the weakness during fasting and blood flow is intense.
By exercise, the body is healthy and tidy and laziness stays away. Throughout the day there is enthusiasm.
The effect of exercise is also on the mind. The desire to fight in the mind is strong and there is no problem in fasting too.
Exercise takes control of the person’s body, mind control, which is necessary in the days of Ramadan.
During Ramadan, you can walk 3-4 kilometers per day while exercising. Apart from this, you can also lightly stretch or yoga etc.
During exercise, you should do pranayama which also includes breathing exercises.
Light work on the house such as brooming, wiping, washing clothes are also good physical exercises. But other exercises are necessary for keeping all limbs comfortable and for air purifier in the lungs.
In the days of Ramadan, it is not necessary to exercise very tired, but it is necessary to walk after eating in the morning or in the evening.

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