Due to the continuous hot tea drinking, the risk of Esophagal cancer

•  Esophagus cancer is the sixth most severe cancer in India.
•  Drinking hot tea increases the likelihood of esophageal cancer.
•  Any hot drink should be drunk after cooling about 4 minutes.

The organs inside our body are very delicate and sensitive. In such a situation, if they are treated with strictness or if necessary things are ignored then serious consequences can be suffered. A recent research has found that those who drink steaming hot tea consistently increase the likelihood of having Esophagus cancer. This research in The American Cancer Society states that those people need to be quite conscious who are fond of drinking hot tea, coffee or other beverages. Let us tell you that Esophagus cancer is the sixth most severe cancer in India, whereas globally, this cancer has been found to be dangerous at the eighth position.

Farhad Islami, the chief writer of The American Cancer Society, says that some people enjoy warm tea, coffee and other beverages very much. This hobby begins to cause problems in the esophagus after a level, which leads to a significant increase in the risk of developing Esophagus cancer. Any hot drink should be drunk after cooling about 4 minutes. Otherwise, this ‘food pipe’ between the throat and the stomach is badly affected. This danger is higher in those people who regularly drink beverages at 75 ° C.

At 60 degrees Celsius daily, drinking 700ml of tea, 90 percent of the risk of having Esophagus cancer. Researchers say that this is because fast hot water (drink) starts to cause irritation in the mouth and throat, which takes the form of cancer after a time. Researchers have also claimed that more cancer than men is done to men.

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