Daily Beauty Regime Could Put You At Risk Of Infections

You may have skin infections from these beauty products!

»  Excessive use of beauty products can damage the skin.
»  Everyday make-up on the eyes can cause infection in it.
»  Before applying beauty products, check their quality.

Everyone looks for a beautiful look. On special occasions, there is no harm in enhancing beauty of beautiful face, but many times people have a habit of making heavy make-up everyday, which can pose a risk of infection in your skin.

There are many chemicals in the beauty product, which can be used more or everyday to damage your skin. Most people are not aware that the beauty products you are using everyday are harming your skin rather than making you look beautiful. Let’s learn about similar products.

People take Bleach’s help to reduce skin tanning or to hide facial hair. Many times people start experimenting with it for a short period of time, while doing so makes your skin not only lifeless, but it also sometimes causes skin allergy.

Remedies: Bleach should be tested 24 hours before putting it on the back of the ear, bleach only if there is no allergy. If you are bleaching to remove tanning then you can put orange or papaya pulp or sandal powder.

Dio and perfume
Using more of the deodorant causes undermine skin to damage the skin. It may be a problem of itching, sneezing from the perfume or if you have respiratory symptoms, do not use them because it can be quite dangerous for those people.

Remedies: There are chemicals in dio or perfume, do not apply them directly on the body and put on clothes.

nail polish
After applying nail polish, we do not see the nails of the nails, which can cause infections in the stomach. Apart from this, putting nail polish on nails also results in pimples in the nails that can cause infection.

Remedies: Keep in mind the cleaning of nails and dry the Nailpolish before eating or eating.

Foundation and blush
The daily rupture of the face closes with their daily use. Frozen dirt and oil can not come out in the skin, causing the pimples to get puffed up.

Remedy: Take care of the beauty product quality. If the skin is oily then use the water base product and the oil base skin product if it is roughening. Clean the face with non-comedogonic cleansers, causing litter to get rid of it.

Loss of eye makeup
If you apply the contact lens in the eyes after doing eye makeup, then the bacteria reaches the cornea, in which there is a risk of corneal infection. Sometimes make-up involves contacting the bacteria with mybrain, which causes conjunctivitis. In this, the eyes become red and eyes get water from eyes.

Remedy: Reduce the use of mascare and egg liner. Change Mascare’s interval of at least 4 months and eyeshadow to two years.


So now whenever you use the make-up stuff, you should also take special care of your skin because your skin is special

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